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Powerful Work with Obatalá: Overcoming enemies and traps

Work with Obatalá for the enemies

Baba Obatalá is the owner of our heads and thoughts, king of purity and whiteness, of peace and tranquility. He is an Orisha who is also vigilant and does not like that we have enemies without looking for them.

And it is that, in life, it is one thing to have enemies because of our bad head and bad decisions, that is, that we have provoked it and another is that they appear out of nowhere trying to overshadow us and put obstacles in our way.

No Orisha is asked ill for anyone, but we can talk with them and give our complaints so that they help us when this type of situation appears.

This work is so that the enemies deviate from the path and do not disturb us anymore, thus finding calm in life, peace and a lot of tranquility.

It is a ritual that must be done with great faith and in a quiet place, it is important that you choose a suitable time to perform it.


How to do this Work with Obatalá to ward off enemies?

  1. First we must grate the sticks and then sift them to obtain only the powder.

Please note this: If you are going to blow the dust in a place where it does not matter if it is seen or goes unnoticed, you should not sift it (such as in the street or in your house), it depends on where you are going to blow it.

  1. Light the two candles in the name of Father Obbatalá and ask for his blessing. Always remember, in case you have Osha, ask with the coconut before doing the ritual.
  2. In front of Obbatalá if he has received it, he will take the censer or clay container and will burn the coal, and when it is already burning, that is, making ashes, add the myrrh.
  3. While the myrrh burns and the smoke is released, he will talk with Obbatalá about everything that happens to him and what he wants to achieve from his heart.

Important: Remember never to ask badly, just distance yourself from those people who annoy you. If you are correct, surely Baba will answer justly.

  1. When the myrrh is ready, in the jícara you put cascarilla and myrrh, also the dust of all the sticks.
  2. With the help of a stick that you used, stir everything so that it is well mixed.
  3. You put that powder wrapped in white paper next to Obbatalá or where Baba tells you, because as we said before, if you have Osha you can ask him.
  4. For 8 days you will have that powder at the foot of Babá and every day, you will light the candles for a while.

Remember: it is not turning them on and leaving, it is giving them light, talking and praying on their behalf, giving thanks and begging for their help.

Do this work with faith and pray to Obatala for 8 days

After 8 days you must remove the work and blow the dust in the place where you think your enemies are, in case you know, for example, in your work.

In case you don't know who they are, you can blow it on the way to your house or in the corners near your home, so that they deviate and those people don't bother you.

May Baba Obatalá guide you and give you a smooth evolution, so that the path opens bringing you health, love and luck. Blessings.

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