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Work with Oshún to get employment and development

work with Oshún

Our beautiful mother Oshún owns the parsley plant, but also honey and cinnamon and if you are willing to do this work you will need these elements.

The power of parsley is infinite, it is a plant with many properties and a great spiritual meaning that is used in baths, waste, washings and even to cross.

Honey and cinnamon are also powerful ingredients, they have many vitamins and are rich in minerals, healthy and healing.

There are many works of Oshún, this Orisha of love and abundance is asked to help us continue our path without stumbling, offering us her protection, development and Ashe.

Sometimes our life becomes difficult when we want to find a job and cannot find it. This work will help you to reach your life and with the help of Oshún reach your work goals.

Work to get a job with Oshún:


  • 1 candle
  • Basin or other container
  • Parsley bunch
  • Cinnamon
  • Honey
  • Raw cornmeal

How is it done?

  1. The candle is lit first because it is energy and light for Oshún in this work.
  1. He will take his basin and pour water from the tap, then he will begin to squeeze the parsley into that water (as if he were washing).
  1. After the parsley has released its juice and the water is green, add the cinnamon powder and honey.
  1. You will clean the door of your house with this already prepared water, you can also clean your whole house if you made enough.
  1. Now, after you do this you will sprinkle raw cornmeal in that space that you cleaned and you will say 5 times:
Blessed are you beautiful Oshún, I offer you parsley, honey, cinnamon and flour so that in return you bless me and give me your charity and offer me a job where I can find my daily bread.

Important: Remember that "work" is not asked for your charity, your development and employment.

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