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How to do the Work with Oshun to sweeten the loved one? ritual of faith

Work with Oshun to sweeten a man

Oshun is in the Yoruba Pantheon An Orisha as beautiful as a goddess can be, she is the owner of the fresh waters of the world, the owner of love and feelings, with her sweetness she attracts everything she proposes.

That is why it is the most accurate and appropriate when it comes to making works to sweeten love, and we are not talking about attracting a person by force or in a forced way, but so that everything flows smoothly and love prospers in a beautiful way.

Many times we cannot solve problems related to love and we resort to Oshun's magic because she always supports us when we sincerely ask her to intercede.

There are several situations in which Love is weakened:

  • It may be that your partner no longer shows that interest in you even though they continue to love each other,
  • sometimes our partner is indifferent and spends more time than usual with others,
  • there is a lack of understanding for everyday life or daily problems,
  • the confusion has caused a separation that causes them pain,
  • There are feelings that frustrate reconciliation and you no longer feel the same chemistry between the two.

The truth is that there can be many situations in which love gradually weakens without necessarily meaning that the person no longer loves us, for this we do works to sweeten with Oshun.

Thus, from faith, we ask the goddess of love to help us and strengthen the bonds of love and sweeten the paths with her honey.

RememberHow effective is this Work with Oshun to sweeten a man or a woman, but if you do it well, don't expect it to work if you do it wrong, unfocused or without faith in Oshun.


I recommend have all the ingredients at hand, be in a quiet place, where they will not interrupt you, have absolute concentration, focus your visualization on what you want, concentrate your mood with positive vibes and above all have a lot of faith.

If you don't have Oshún you can do this ritual in his name in front of his representation if you have one.

  • 1 pumpkin 
  • White, yellow or gold plate
  • Photos of both
  • Almond oil
  • Honey
  • Gold colored glitter or glitter powder
  • silver glitter
  • 10 Cloves
  • 2 Candles
  • a little bell
  • Large square yellow cloth or fabric

Procedure of the Work with Oshun to sweeten a man or a woman

  1. To start, you must chop the pumpkin from the top, so that later it is like a lid (save it for the end).
  2. Scoop out the entire inside of the fruit, and then place the squash on top of the plate.
  3. In the part of your photo you will put her/his name on the back and in her/his you will write your name, then both photos together will put them inside, at the bottom of the pumpkin.
  4. Now you will pour the elements inside, first add almond oil and also honey.
  5. Then add gold and silver glitter to make the love flourish.

Let's light the candles with love to mother Oshun

  • You will spread almond oil on the candles (it is spread from the tip of the candle towards the base), so with that movement what we want is attracted, you will do it 5 times.
  • I recommend that you be focused on what you want while doing it and always have faith and positive thoughts in your request.
  • You will open the candles with the help of the tip of a pencil 5 holes for each one, taking into account the distances so that it looks nice, you stick a clove in each hole.
  • Now you light the candles.
  • You put the plate with the pumpkin (open at the top) at the foot of Oshun and with great faith you invoke her with a prayer.

Short prayer dedicated to mother Oshun

My goodness, here is your daughter/son (say their name) asking for your blessing.
Oshún loving, you who are the owner of love and feelings I ask you from my heart that the love of (say the name of the other person) continue to beat for me and that our union becomes solid and lasting.

You pour a little honey back into the pumpkin and say:

As sweet as this honey is, so I want my relationship with him/her to be sweet.
Thank you my queen mother for everything you offer me. Ashe.

Final advice to finish the Sweetening and Love Ritual

  • You must light the candles every day for 5 days, which is how long this work lasts.
  • Take this work to the river after 5 days so that Oshún receives your offering and helps you in what you want.
  • Already in the river with the bell you will call Oshún with love and delicacy, you will also pour a little honey in its waters so that the sweetness reaches us.
  • Light 2 candles on the river bank and talk to her with a little honey in her mouth.
  • You put the pumpkin on top of the yellow cloth and tie it on top with a knot, then you deposit it gently in the river so that its waters can carry it away.

I recommend you go to a clean river and run its waters so that the offering is carried away by the powerful currents of the goddess of love.

May your love be strengthened, return and stay by your side with the sweetness that Oshun gives you!

Always trust what she decides for you, and remember that the most important thing is self-love, if that love is not for you Oshún will take it away from your path and bring a love that really deserves you. Have faith! 

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