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Work with Oshún to sweeten

Works with Oshún to sweeten

This powerful work is dedicated to the Goddess of love, sensuality and beauty, our Orisha Oshún. It is she who gives us prosperity and abundance, helps us put our spirituality and feelings in order.

Many times we feel that our life is bitter, that it lacks joy, that we are not satisfied and that the energy that surrounds us does not allow us to move forward, because this ritual will help us attract the energy we need.

Ingredients for the work:

Do this work to attract sweetness into your life always with the consent and blessing of Iyadodde:

  • 5 yellow candles
  • 1 large white plate
  • 1 Cup
  • Paper
  • Pencil


  1. He will place a glass in the center of the plate and you will have written on a piece of paper what you want to order and also the name or names for whom you are asking.
  2. Put that order in the glass and pour over that paper, abundant honey.
  3. Then he will place 5 yellow candles around that glass (that remain inside the plate), he will light them and say:
"Majestic Oshun, Owner of the waters that habita, with your permission and your blessing, here is your child (say your name), asking you from the heart to listen to my plea (make the same request that you wrote on the paper), I hope that it will be granted to me according to your grace and if it is your beautiful will Goddess of the waters”.
  1. It will be left on for 5 days with the same candles, that is, every day at the same time they are lit for a few minutes.
  2. On the fifth day he will take the sperm from the remaining candles, the cup and go to the river.
  3. The sperm from the candles will wrap it in paper and leave them on the shore, the honey from the cup will pour it into its waters and say:
"Mother Oshún here is your daughter / o sweetening your waters with this honey so that my order is also sweetened by you."

Among the Works with Oshún to sweeten this is simple but effective. I sincerely hope that your request is granted and that much health and abundance come into your life.

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