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work at the foot of Oyá to raise the Health Driving away diseases!

work with Oyá to health

If you feel down or feel discomfort frequently, it may be that you are absorbing negative energies and you need help from the yoruba orisha Oyá Change, the mighty warrior who saves us with her strength.

Oyá She is the one who represents a very important element in our lives and is the air we breathe, she is the owner of the cemetery, a powerful warrior who does not forgive her children being hurt.

It is a very simple but effective work, trust and have faith in Yanza that she will make you remedy your health problem and recover.


work with Oyá for health with meat
  • 9 pieces of fresh meat
  • Corojo butter
  • 2 candles
  • Handkerchief of 9 colors or a single brown color
  • 9 cents
  • Cascarilla (If you want to prepare it at home, click on the following article)

How is this ritual done in the name of Oyá?

  1. First you take the 9 pieces of meat, fry them with corojo butter and when they are ready you put them on a plate, which you deposit at the foot of Oyá.
  2. You light the candles and you can say the following prayer to the goddess of sparkle.

Short prayer to summon Oyá:

Oyá my mother,
Here's your daughter / son (your name)
Asking for your blessing.
Lady of death,
Air that I breathe
Owner of all spirits,
Mother of great power
Get away from me and take away any disease
That is causing my ailments
Thank you mother for attending me and your great blessings
Jekúa Jey Yanza!

What you should keep in mind when working with Oyá to health:

This work must be done in the mañana and in the afternoon you must withdraw it in this way:

  • In the cloth of 9 colors you put cascarilla and the 9 pieces of meat, you close the cloth and with that bag you clean your whole body from head to toe.

Doing limpieza means that with the offering in your hand you will gently slide it around your body without returning upwards once the cleaning has begun, it ends at the feet.

Then with 9 cents of right you leave it in a bush or forest.

Very important: As soon as you clean yourself, you should go to take the work to the forest or forest far from your home. You cannot leave it for later, keep it in mind and plan everything so that you do not have obstacles.

I wish that with this work with Oyá for health you will get much abundance, love and many wonderful things in your life, remember that with health we will obtain strength to achieve our goals, there is nothing more important in this life than good health.

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