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work with Oyá Yanza to get rid of enemies and win battles

work with Oyá to defeat enemies

Oyá In the Yoruba religion, she is the owner of the good and bad winds.With the bad it takes away all the negative, with the good it brings love, happiness and prosperity.

When Yanza is calm, she is the personified nobility, affectionate and sweet with her children, she is a great tireless and very powerful warrior, who wins every battle that is proposed.

This work with Oyá to defeat enemies and against all kinds of curses we do it to remove obstacles and bad eyes that persecute us, to get rid of that heaviness that causes envy and bad desires.

A powerful Adimu at the foot of Oyá for expiration

This is a powerful offering (addimú) with the eggplant, this vegetable corresponds to the orisha Oyá and they always work with her to obtain the favors of the great mother of the spark.

The eggplant Because of its color and energy, it brings us transformations at spiritual levels, gives us a lot of peace and connects us with the mysterious.

  • Always keep faith in mindYou must never miss it because faith activates all our positive thoughts and alleviates our sorrows.


  • Eggplant
  • Corojo butter
  • Brown sugar
  • 9 coins (note that these will go with the offering)
  • 9 strips of different colors except black
  • 2 candles

How do we prepare the offering to Yanza?

  1. To begin this work with Oyá To defeat enemies, you first wash the eggplant and chop it in half, and spread corojo butter on the inside, but make sure it is well muddy.
  2. You put the 9 coins stuck into the dough and sprinkle brown sugar on top.
  3. You join the 2 covers and the 9 ribbons will join the aubergine around it.
  4. The fruit is attached to the ribbons as if you were winding something. Keep in mind to tape it by tape to make it look pretty.
  5. Then you light the 2 candles at Oyá with great faith and say the following prayer.

I pray to invoke and ask the warrior Oyá:

Great mother and warrior Oyá
Here is your daughter / o (name)
Asking for your blessing
Depositing this offering (you say what it is)
So that you free me from everything bad, that with your iruke
you separate my enemies from the surroundings.
Mother of the nine spirits
Mother of the nine colors
You are always present where I am,
Teaching me that all bad weather ends
Give me strength and wisdom to achieve victories.

Thank you for always being by my side.
Jekúa Jey Yanza!

This work will be at the foot of Oyá for 9 days and then you will leave it at the gates of a cemetery or in the garbage, but not at the house, that is, the garbage outside the street.

If you can ask Oyá better. And may Yanza's blessing never fail you! 

Remember: Even if your enemies hinder you, never ask for evil, let us always do well, let the divine justice of the orishas be fulfilled and each person receive in this life what they deserve. Good health and ashé for you.

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