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Healing bath for health in the name of Saint Lazarus, Saint of the sick

Work with Saint Lazarus blessed for health

Saint Lazarus and Babalu Aye, the Saint and the Orisha, the merciful deities that heal diseases, in Cuba both are syncretized in the same cult.

In the Yoruba religion, Babalú Ayé is the powerful Orisha who governs disease, including smallpox, leprosy, venereal diseases, plagues and miseries.

The African deity during the day is usually hidden in ivy and cundeamor to cover itself from the sun. Your name means Father of the world, is respected and venerated by all, it is also called Azojuano.

Healing work with Saint Lazarus Blessed for health:

Sage bath in the name of Saint Lazarus for health
Salvia plant

This bath is so that in the name of Saint Lazarus ailments are cured, if the person who performs this ritual is very ill it is recommended to give 7 bathrooms in a row, and if you can't, a weekly bath.

Among the ingredients of this powerful bath is sage (scientific name Kratom officinalis) which is very good for healing rituals, for protection, cleansing of negative energies and purifying the astral. The owner of this plant is Babalú Ayé.

We will also use the girl's herb (Phyllanthus.Lin) which is widely used in waste and washings to eliminate disturbing energies.

Both plants contain great mysteries and give us immense spiritual benefits.

Ingredients we need for the bath:

  • Yerba mate
  • Kratom
  • Corojo butter
  • Florida water
  • Eau de cologne
  • Cascarilla
  • 2 purple or white candles

How do we prepare this bath for health in the name of Babalú Ayé?

  1. First you wash the Salvia and Yerba de la Niña leaves well.
  2. In a liter of water you should boil a bunch of sage leaves and a bunch of the girl's yerba.
  3. When the boil begins, añaGive a tablespoon of corojo butter and let it boil for 10 minutes, let it cool and strain that water.
  4. Then añaof florida water, eau de cologne and cascarilla.
  5. The bathroom is ready. Remember that this ritual requires a lot of faith and will

The bath will not be given from the head but from the shoulders down, to protect it.

Before taking the bath, you should light 2 purple candles and ask Babalú Ayé and San Lázaro for their healing, so that they ward off diseases, bring health, vitality, energy and a lot of Ashé.

Here I leave a greeting to the Orisha to invoke him at the beginning of the bath:

Tu-Kúa Babalú Ayé, Agróniga
Tu-Kúa Baba mine, nibagu,
nibago, i burn abyssa
Tu-Kúa baba fidemi.

You can also summon the mighty Saint Lazarus with this sentence.

May this work with Saint Lazarus Blessed for health bring you the healing you need in your body and soul. Blessings.

Other Works and Rituals that we can do on behalf of Babalú Ayé and San Lázaro:

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