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Effective work: Lamp to Shango to win battles and open paths

Works with Shango

Light a lamp at Shango It is a work of great development because by winning battles you are already opening paths, it is also good for overcoming difficulties in marital, friendship or family unions.

Shango in the Yoruba religion is the king of drums and music, a warrior who wins battles with his sword and double-headed ax, he is the one who we will ask from the heart and with faith for strength to overcome the obstacles on our way.

Among his favorite fruits is the apple, which is a fruit that provides positive energies and repels negative ones, which symbolizes revelation, fertility, knowledge and fidelity, it is a magnificent fruit for the renewal of energies.

Lamp to Shango:

You may wonder What is a lamp in Santeria?

In the Osha Rule a lamp is a ritual dedicated to the Orishas, ​​in which a lighter mainly made of cotton is used to give light and assistance to our deities. Many of them are made using fruits as bases, as in this work, in which we use apples as the base for the lamp.

They are very effective rituals, and also a very beautiful offering, because through them we can thank and entertain the Orishas.

Ingredients you need:

  • Large white plate
  • 6 red apples
  • Palm oil
  • Cotton
  • 2 red candles

How to prepare the lamp to the Orisha?

  1. Take the 6 apples and wash them with plain water to remove any negative energy that you may have collected on the street or at home.
  2. Now with a knife and extreme care, he will remove the upper part of the apple (only the upper part) and open a small hole inwards, as well as the remaining 5 apples.
  3. What you cut from the apples can be thrown away.
  4. Take the palm oil and rub the 6 apples, one by one.
  5. Put the fruits on the plate and with the cotton make 6 wicks, each one you will add palm oil.
  6. Then he will place each wick in each of the apples, in the hole that he previously opened.
  7. It would be six apples with 6 wicks and the lamp for Shango is ready, light the wicks, and say a prayer to Shango:

My father. God of Thunder, control my house, give me the radiant salvation so that I do not take your word when I am angry, who screams in the sky and all the children down here say with great respect, to comply with control, control my house. You remember, my father that we call you from the heart to kneel before your feet and tell you God of the Merciful Thunder King, rejoice on Earth, embrace me.

  1. This will go to the foot of Shango with his 2 red candles, which he will light to ask for the blessing of the Orisha and give him knowledge of the offering that he is giving.
  2. Talk to Shango, tell him the reason for your offer and your need for him to help you solve your problems.
  3. After 6 days he will take his offering to a palm.

If you are not consecrated in Kari Osha (you have not made a saint) nothing happens, because with trust, faith and love, Shango will still listen to you. Only that you will put that work in a place that is in the direction of your front door.

May Shango's blessing reach you. Ashé.

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