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Work at the foot of a Missionary Eggun How to identify this spirit?

Eggun Missionary Work

What is a Missionary Eggun?

The missionary currents or Eggunes Misioneros are spirits with a tendency to Saint Lazarus Blessed, these can integrate the spiritual cord of the religious, be protective spirits by affinity or even spiritual guides.

These missionary tendencies They usually manifest as:

  • beggars,
  • people who in the plane of the earth suffered from some handicap or skin lesions,
  • healers and even pilgrims. 

Traits that identify a Missionary Spirit

One of the traits that distinguishes the Missionary Eggun is that it generally:

  • He appears wearing sack clothes,
  • accompaniedaña of bags with herbs and fringes of purple cloth.

He usually does not have shoes and it is often manifested in a slender and thin figure, it can accompanyañawhether or not to use crutches, slings or canes.

Offerings and veneration to the Missionary Egguns

There are many ways to honor the missionary eggunes, it is part of the Cuban culture that every December 16 there is an evening to San Lázaro.

This day is the moment in which the religious take the opportunity to make an altar in which they pay homage to the saint and also to these spirits, offering them:

  • purple candles,
  • oil,
  • dry wine,
  • onion,
  • ministers,
  • fruits,
  • incense,
  • brandy and
  • oil candles, among other things.

Powerful work at the foot of a Missionary Eggun

This work that will be directed to the missionary eggun of the spiritual cord, can be carried out any day, preferably it can be carried out on the 17th of each month to honor the Orisha Babalu Aye as this is his day and number.

Items we need

They should look for:

  • Two white or purple candles or alternatively make two oil candles,
  • a bitter broom mallet,
  • dry wine and
  • face bean.

Ritual procedure:

  1. The black-eyed bean is taken, previously soaked and ground until a paste is obtained,
  2. With this dough and very little flour, seventeen small buns are made that will be fried in plenty of hot oil.
  3. once cooked these were placed in a source.

The work is placed in the part of the house where the tribute is to be made, which should preferably be in the place where this spirit is regularly attended.

Here the fountain is placed with the black-eyed bean rolls, in a vase the mallet of bitter broom is placed and the fountain is surrounded with seventeen small jícaras with dry wine.

The work closes lighting the candles at the foot of eggun, moment in which one speaks with the spirit dedicating the work to him, thanking him and asking for his blessing.

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