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Work with Elegguá in Oyekun Tura to open paths and 3 tips

Artwork Oyekun Tura

In this Ifá the person has closed paths because he has not had Elegguá the warrior nor has he given him in his life the place that this Orisha deserves.

How to venerate little Eleggua?

Throw a party for Elegguá in the doorway of his house and you will see how his paths flourish again.

A simple and powerful Work for Eleggua in Oyekun Tura:

  1. Take care of it every Monday (day of the week of this saint)
  • blow aguardiente on him,
  • tobacco smoke and
  • put candy on it
  1. After three days, take the candies and make three cartridges for each one.
  2. Add smoked fish, corn, jutia, three cents and some candies.
  3. Clean yourself with these cartridges and take them to the four corners.

3 Powerful Tips for Religious in Oyekun Tura

Some warnings and prohibitions dedicated to the orisha Elegua that every religious must take into account.

1. In this letter it is not wise to let diseases evolve by themselves

This Ifá marks emergency surgical intervention, in case of any discomfort it is necessary to go to the doctor.

En Oyekun Tura You should not let the diseases evolve by themselves, because the religious could suffer complications without any need.

Check the prescribed medications before ingesting them, taking care that they are not expired.

2. It's taboo in this lyrics to look down on people

In Oyekun Tura, the religious must replace all the spiritual Elegguás he has with fresh coconuts so that his paths remain open.

In this odun of Ifa it is taboo to look down on people, looking with interest at those around us is an osogbo in this odun.

The person must learn to live under Obatalá's motto humility and patience so that I will come firmly into his life.

Maintain serenity and faith in times of adversity so that you always have the help and blessing of your Orishas, ​​remember that in this odun the one who perseveres triumphs sooner or later.

3. In this Ifá, the cult of Odúa, the foreman of the dead, is born.

The religious governed under this odun must have two chickens in the patio of his house and raise them to have prosperity.

Offering dedicated to the Orisha Odúa (Oduduwa):

Oyekun Tura is the Ifá where the cult of Odúa is born, the Orisha foreman of the dead in the Yoruba pantheon, to whom an addimú (offering) of bread with milk is placed.

To make it:

  1. Sixteen slices of bread are chopped, spread with cocoa butter and sprinkled with cascarilla.
  2. This work is accompaniedaña of a glass of cow's or goat's milk.
  3. Two candles are lit for this addimú so that Oddúa receives it and he retires before the milk is corrupted.

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