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Remove the obstacles with this work with Eleguá to open paths: Step by step

Work for Eleguá to open roads

Elegguá is a great warrior in the Yoruba Pantheon, his deity is always called first in every Yoruba religious ceremony, he is also the first to eat and be entertained.

This Orisha of so much power means the beginning and the end of all paths, he is the guide of our destinies, owner of the four corners, of the crossroads, and the direct messenger of Olofin.

This is a very simple ritual, but above all you must maintain faith because to achieve something it requires faith and a lot of determination in what you do, especially in the spiritual and religious field.

This work will help us in health, love, abundance and luck, and especially in those situations that close our paths such as bad energies, witchcraft, traps, evils and enemies.

So have a lot of faith in Elegguá, the little prince in the Rule of Osha Ifá, or Santería.


  • 1 coco 
  • small white plate
  • 1 candle
  • Tobacco 
  • Schnapps 
  • Honey 
  • Edible decoration, candy or candies.
  • 3 cents 

How do we do this ritual in the name of Eleguá to solve problems?

  1. First you take the coconut and cut it in half, but do not throw it on the floor to do it, remember that this fruit is sacred in the Rule of Osha Ifá.
  2. On a plate you will place both parts in the name of the Orisha.
  3. Light the candle to your Elegguá and give it three taps on the floor calling it and asking for its blessing.
  4. You light the tobacco, you smoke it and you also blow aguardiente on it.
  5. You put the plate in front of Elegguá, thank him and tell him what you are doing on his behalf.
  6. While you talk with him, pour a little honey on both parts of the coconut and on top of it some edible decoration such as crushed candies or a sweet made into crumbs.

The little boy and warrior Eleguá loves sweets, he adores this work and receives it with pleasure, feeling well cared for.

Final step to finish this work opener

We will leave this beautiful work for Eleguá to open paths in his name for three days and on the third day you ask the Orisha where he wants you to take his offering, in case you have received the warrior.

  • If you don't take him to a mount next to 3 cents that's his right.

May the blessing of Elegguá be with you and protect you always, remember to ask him for good health and always good for everyone, he is vigilant and takes care of all the evils that haunt us.

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