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Work for Yemayá and Olokun to attract abundance and protection

Work for Yemayá and Olokun

In the Yoruba religion Yemayá and Olokun are very powerful deities, rulers of the great seas of the world, deities owners of immense mysteries and very miraculous with their children on earth.

This work is simple, but it will be effective, always remember: with faith and a lot of love.

The work is aimed at Yemaya y Olokun.

In this work a cup with water is used as a symbolic representation of the water of the seas.

If you are Oni Yemaya You must use 2 candles and the work must go to the foot of your mother, if you want to do it with Olokún, it will be up to you if you put one or two candles and it will also go to the foot of your Olokún.

If you do not have a received deity, well it does not matter, they will listen to you the same, but then you would need a single candle.

Products you will need:

  • A glass of water
  • Indigo or you can use something that paints the water blue
  • 7 legal tender of the country where you are
  • A necklace from Yemayá or Olokún, those who do not have it should use a necklace of blue beads
  • A white candle
  • A cork

Procedure to be carried out:

  1. He will put water in his cup and then pour the indigo into the water to tint it blue and say:

"Goddess and mistress of motherhood, of fish, my mother Yemayá, I put this indigo in her glass to represent the blue of her sea with her permission."

  1. Then he will take the 7 coins and cross himself with them, he will put them inside the cup (remember that with money you must always cross yourself) and he will say:

"These 7 coins I give to you so that I never lack evolution, development, abundance and open doors to triumph."

  1. Then he will take the cork and with it he will stir that water and will say:
"Just as I make this cork, I ask Yemayá, to always bring me up from any situation, obstacle or impediment that may come my way and may harm me, to give me the necessary strength to overcome them."
  1. At the end you should put that necklace on top of the glass, not in the water.
  2. On the seventh day you will take a bath with this water, after your usual bath you will pour it on your body and let it dry in it.

To consider:

  • He will have this work for 7 consecutive days, and he will ask that all the positive come into his life and bring out the negative, and thus recover the lost Ashé.
  • You will light the candle for 7 days at a certain time each day.

You can put the coins in a blue bag, you can make it yourself, you put them inside and you can take them with you.

If you are near the sea, you can also offer them to Yemayá Olokun. Keep in mind that these coins should not be spent, in them is the Ashé of your prosperity.

Everything that is done with love, dedication, and asked with devotion to Yemayá and Olokun will provide what you need.

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