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Work with Shango to drive away those who bother us and achieve what we want

Work Shango

Through time in life we ​​have had to face all kinds of uncomfortable situations, sometimes obstacles stop us, and not only unpleasant events, but we also have to deal with people who do not contribute to us.

And is that many times in life we ​​get in the way of people we do not want to bother us anymore, and sometimes we ask again and again and the problem is not solved.

  • With this ritual you can ask Shango That that person next to you takes away from you, or you can also do this work to achieve something you want and it does not reach you.

Remember that everything is always done with great faith and trust in what you do, and in Shangó in this case you must trust to attract his blessing.

You will put this work at the foot of Shango the Orisha warrior, the great king of kings in the Yoruba Pantheon who represents justice, dance, virility, owns the drum, lightning and thunder.


  • 1 pomegranate fruit
  • Plateau
  • 6 guinea peppers
  • Toasted corn
  • Smoked fish
  • Smoked hutia
  • Corojo butter
  • Red ocher
  • Red precipitate
  • Red cloth
  • White thread and Red thread
  • 3 candles
  • 6 cents

Sticks we need for this ritual

A little bit of:

  • Winning stick
  • El Palo: I can more than you
  • Jagüey stick
  • ceiba wood

How do we prepare this offering at the foot of Shango?

  1. First, the pomegranate fruit must be cut in half and you remove the seeds from both halves.
  2. Then you put these halves on a plate.
  3. In both halves you will put a small piece of Palo victorious, I can more than you, Jagüey and Ceiba.
  4. You also add 6 guinea peppers, roasted corn, smoked fish, smoked jutía, corojo butter, red blood, which is synonymous with wealth, money and prosperity and finally you must sprinkle red precipitate, so that the work is streamlined.
  5. Then you must join both halves and wrap with the red cloth.
  6. On top of that tight red cloth, that is, you wrap half with red thread and the other half with white thread.
  7. When it is ready, you uncover the Shangó pan and light 2 candles.

You will ask for his blessing, always giving him knowledge of what you will do and your purpose. Remember that you should always ask him if you work with your Orisha.

  • In case you have not received it, you can do it on their behalf, and in that case you must leave the work on the plate.
  1. You take the third candle and with all the sperm that is falling from it, you are going to seal that wrapped and threaded grenade, in such a way that it is completely sealed.
  2. This offering (addimú) should be like a ball of sperm, then you let it cool and you put them inside its pan.

A small offer to thank what was granted:

When you get what you want, you take the offering and take it to a palm with 6 cents of right in the name of the Orisha.

When you return home, after taking the work to Shango, I advise you to put:

  • 2 candles,
  • a glass of red wine (your favorite drink) and
  • Red roses.

We make this simple offering in gratitude when our request has been granted by the great Shango, the Yoruba king.

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