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Work and offering with the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre- House-business dispossession

Offering to Charity of Copper

This offering is made in the name of the beautiful Virgin of Charity of Copper, Patroness of Cubans, worthy mother of all, in the Yoruba religion she is the goddess of rivers, Oshun.

This is another of the works where the powerful parsley plant is used, carrier of great energies, capable of warding off bad influences, protects from bad vibes and attracts development, it also serves to clean and remove spaces.

Work to the Virgencita de la Caridad del Cobre:

For the work you need these ingredients:

  • Basin or container
  • Parsley
  • Raw cornmeal
  • Crushed Lodestone (powdered)
  • Copper Stone of Charity (powdered)
  • Cinnamon powder or cinnamon essence
  • Florida water or colony
  • 1 candle
  • Piece of cartridge paper

Why is the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre asked?

First of all we will light a candle in front of the Blessed Virgin of Charity and we speak to him, we will give thanks and ask for his favor and charity, so that through this work we obtain development, harmony and that it removes all evil from our house or business (it depends on where we do this work).

You can ask him from the heart and with faith whatever you want. Your request will bring you spiritual comfort and help you solve the problems that affect you.

How do I prepare it?

  1. The parsley leaves will be roasted and then made into powder and mixed with raw corn flour, lodestone powder and stone powder of the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre.
  1. Then separate in a basin you will add tap water, cinnamon powder or cinnamon essence, Florida water or cologne.

We will start first with the use of mixed powders.

  1. That mixture of powders places it on a paper and it will blow inside your home or business, always from back to front.
  1. When finished you will take your already prepared basin with the other ingredients and you must wash the front of your house or business.

Copper Stone of Charity

The Piedra de Nuestra Señora de la Caridad del Cobre are stones from the copper mine that is located in the province of Santiago de Cuba, where the Sanctuary of the Patron Virgin of Cuba is located. The stones that are extracted from there are shiny because of the copper they have and have the blessing of our beloved Cachita.

This stone is a carrier of great energies, provides protection and drives away bad influences. Although this stone is originally obtained in Cuba, you can also get it in botanicals or religious stores around the world since it is a stone that is transported for religious uses.

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