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3 Works with Eleguá to open paths ≫ Simple and effective rituals

Works with Eleguá to open roads

When we are surrounded by negative energies and as they say "the world is coming upon us" It is when we turn to our Orishas that they always extend us that hand that we need, and if we are going to seek shelter and shelter with Eleggua opens closed paths for us.

I think many "they remember Shango when it thunders And it really should not be like that, the orishas are the ones who help and take care of you, and you must attend to them every day, it is not only asking, it is also and more importantly, thanking them daily.

Remember that Eleguá is the Orisha who opens and closes all paths, is the divider of heaven and earth. Always letting Olofi and Olodumare know everything that happens.

Eleguá is a boy who plays with tricks and always tests the faith of man. Faith is the most important and primordial thing, it is what moves everything impossible. Everything you do, have absolute faith and a lot of love.

Effective and very simple rituals with Eleguá

Here are three works of Elegguá, the small giant of Osha, that you can do without having to receive it, if you call him from the heart he will listen to you and help you.

1. Cleaning with coconut to eliminate the negative inside the home or business

First take a very clean dry coconut, paint it red and black, spread corojo butter on it and put it in front of Elegguá with a candle.

Then you will roll around the house with your left foot, always ending in the same place where you started, that is, where Elegguá, which should be behind the front door of the house.

On the third day at night you break the coconut at a 4-way crossroads. On the fourth day you clean your house with water with cascarilla and Florida water so that all the bad will go away and all the good and prosperous will come.

To ask and invoke Eleguá you can use the following prayer:

2. Work to Eleguá to develop and open paths

You take 7 small scribbles (sticks) from the guava tree, spread them with corojo butter, smoked fish and smoked jutia.

You put them in front of Elegguá with a candle and for 7 days (you will take a different doodle every day) in the mañaYou will not do with that scribble the action and movement of attracting and you will speak with the little orisha so that he opens paths and development arrives.

After 7 days you will go to a small hill and leave them there with 7 cents as a right to Elegguá.

3. For luck to come

For this work you do have to have Elegguá received because you will have to take him out on three Mondays in the sun when you go make the request and after entering the house or business you will have to refresh him with coconut water.

When it is dry you should spread it with corojo butter, smoked fish and smoked jutia.

Do not forget to light a candle and do it with great faith, this will always be the essential ingredient in each work. 

I sincerely hope that these Works with Eleguá to open roads will bring you, above all, a lot of health and love in your life. Remember, the orishas are not always asked for evil for good. Blessings.

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