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Works with the Jimaguas Ibeyis to prosper

Works with the Jimaguas

Carrying out works and working at the foot of the Ibeyis Jimaguas is very comforting because they are full of joy and contribute to our development.

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. ibeyis, also called "Los Jimaguas" represent happiness, luck and fortune, they are saviors of all evil and help us to emerge victorious from the most difficult situations.

We will invoke him and ask that they remove negative situations and that they return a lot of bonanza to us.

Ingredients for the work:

  • 2 white plates
  • 2 wedges of watermelon or sweet melon
  • Condensed milk
  • Dragees: Tiny spheres of different colors usually used as a decorative element in pastry.
  • grated coconut
  • 2 small white or red and blue candles

The colors of the Orishas Ibeyis are red and blue, their offerings are combined in blue with white and red with white and their number is 2, for this reason this combination of colors and brand is used in the ritual.

How do I prepare the Work for the Jimaguas?

This offering is very easy to make and the Jimaguas Ibeyis will especially like it, it is a sweet work and they are sweet, playful and mischievous children who appreciate all kinds of fruits and sweets.

If you have the Ibeyis received, this work will be performed in front of them.

  • Each of the watermelon or melon wedges will be placed on each plate.
  • On top of each piece you will add condensed milk, grated coconut and the dragees.

The candles should be located at the tip of each melon wedge and you will light them, you will ask with faith and with your heart:

Blessed and sacred Ibeyis,

Thank you for protecting and guiding me.

Always grateful to you,

I ask you to intercede for me with all my heart and to bring to my home or business

the bliss and prosperity that I need

So be it. Ibeyi oro alakúa oyé oyé mojojó!

Leave the candles until they are consumed and that same day or the next, take to the foot of a leafy tree so that just as that tree blooms, your life flourishes.

The Works with the Jimaguas must be carried to prosperous trees, the Ibeyis are on the paths of the mountain and live above the palm, from there they protect all walkers, they are lookouts and protectors of the roads.


If you have not received Ibeyis you can perform this work invoking them with this powerful Prayer, remember to do it with great faith, they are merciful and kind Orishas, ​​they will listen to your request.

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