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Cleaning works at the foot of Obatalá to attract health

Works with Obatalá for health

The subject of health is one of the most valued and more so when we lose it, without health nothing can be done, even if we have money if we lack health and everything is ruined.

To recover it, we resort to spiritual and corporal works, of course without stopping going to the doctor, since health is essential and we must take care of it.

Today we will work at the foot of Orisha Obbatala a loving father who cares for us and protects us, who helps us in our health, a saint full of purity and everything white.

Works and cleaning for health with Obatalá

This is a cleansing at the foot of our miraculous father to pray for his blessed purifications, if you do it with faith, love, will and firmness, you will surely find healing.

Even if you do not have Obbatalá crowned, you can do the cleaning in his name, because he is present in everyone and when his name is pronounced, he listens with love.

Ingredients you need:

  • 2 white candles if you are crowned, otherwise use 1 candle
  • White cloth bag
  • Cocoa butter
  • Coco
  • 1 blade of always alive or prodigious
  • Cotton
  • Cascarilla
  • 8 cents

What is cascarilla? Click here to know

How to prepare the ritual?

  1. Light the candles in front of Baba Obbatalá, ask for his blessing and give knowledge of what you are going to do and why. If you do not have Obatala, choose a clean and orderly place to carry out the work.
  2. I recommend that as you deposit your ingredients you mention them out loud and thus you are telling the Orisha what the cleaning bag is carrying.
  3. You take your white bag and inside you will deposit:
  • 8 pieces of cocoa butter,
  • 8 pieces of coconut,
  • blade forever alive or prodigious
  • Cover with cotton what you put inside
  • Sprinkle cascarilla on top of cotton
  • You close the bag
  1. Now you clean your entire body from top to bottom with that bag, and while you are cleaning you ask:

Obbate with your white sacred mantle
I beg you cleanse me, purify me, take away ailments,
Protect me from bad, bring me peace and
Wisdom to face difficulties or illness,
Calm and patience
Thank you Baba, may your blessing always reach me.

This is an example to ask, but you do it from the heart with your words and you will see that you will be heard. How to invoke Obatala? Click here

  1. Then go to the foot of a mountainaña, a hill or a manigua and leave your bag.
  2. Before cleaning with the 8 cents starting at the head and ending with the feet and leave them there too.
  3. I recommend that when doing this cleaning be neat and if you can wear white much better, never black.
  4. If you can do this work at 12 noon, 6 in the afternoon or 12 at night much better.

Spiritual bath with white flowers from Obatalá:

When you get home from leaving the offering you can take a bath with white flowers, cascarilla and cocoa butter.

After bathing you should also wear white, and if you are sick you can wear white for a while, this will help you a lot and give you protection.

I sincerely hope that with these works with Obatalá for health, you will be able to ward off disease and achieve healing. May Baba Obbatalá's blessing be with you. Ashé.

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