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Work to Obatalá to attract tranquility and health

Works with Obatala to reassure

Tranquility is synonymous with health and peace, both spiritually and personally. Works in the name of father Obatala, the Orisha who owns our head, helps us calm our lives and achieve health.

Perhaps we lead a life that is too intense with worries and we want to calm our way a bit.

Obatalá is the father of all, he takes care of our thoughts and frees our fears. Sometimes the worst enemy is in the mind, we must be aware that our balance and well-being depends on it.  

We will use milk for this work, food that purifies, attracts calm and peace. It is a product that Mother Earth gives us, which generates abundance because it cleanses and drives away bad vibes.

Work to Obatalá to calm and heal our lives:   

Remember that it is very necessary that you make this offering with a lot of love and faith, make requests consistent with your situation, do not ask for the impossible and work on it to achieve it, and the Orishas accompany you.añaThey will help you.

Ingredients you need:

  • 1 glass of cow's milk
  • 1 white plate
  • Cocoa butter
  • Cascarilla
  • Purple cloth
  • Dried corn straw
  • Dormidera plant (also called Mimosa pudica, the sensitive, shameful mimosa, nometoques, moriviví, or poppy)
  • 2 candles (if you do not have Osha, use 1 candle in the name of the Virgen de las Mercedes).

To invoke the Virgin of the Mercedes you can use this sentence:

How to prepare the offering?

  1. You will put a glass of cow's milk in front of Obatalá for a period of 4 days, you will light the candles every day for a while.

Choose a time of day when you can light the candles calmly, meditate and sit next to Obatala, talk with him and ask for what you need from your heart.

  1. You will give Baba knowledge that you will put that glass of milk in his name for your peace of mind and health. You can say:

Obatalá, my father,
here is your child (say your name)

Making this offering with your permission and asking for your blessing
I put this glass of milk for you to give me

tranquility, health and prosperity in my life.
Thanks, Dad.

  1. On the fourth day, you take the cream that remains on top of that glass (cheese) and put it aside on a white plate, the milk can throw it away.
  2. On top of that cream you will add cocoa butter and cascarilla and you will leave it until it dries and drains a little, that is, it eliminates the liquid from the milk.
  3. Then you remove the cream and pour it into the purple cloth, you will also put dried corn straw inside and a roost plant.
  4. You tie everything and close it well, if you can glue it or sew it much better and you will put it in front of Obatalá.

You will leave the offering until you see that the tranquility, health and peace that you needed come to you, then you will leave it in a tree or lush garden. Remember that if you are crowned, the ideal is to ask the Orisha where he wants the work.  

I sincerely hope that this work achieves a lot of health, which is what we need most, along with it comes tranquility, peace and abundance in our lives.

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