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3 Works with Obatala to bring us Salud, Iré and his great Blessing

Works with Obatalá

Baba Obbatalá he is the creator and father of human beings and of everything that habita on earth. It governs every part of our body, especially the head and thoughts.

Osha owner of everything white, which symbolizes peace and purity.

He is credited with being the owner of all white metals, such as silver. It represents the Universe, goodness, but also arrogance, anger and people with physical and mental disabilities.

Obbatalá loves all his children with much love and patience and among his innumerable gifts he is the one who brings wisdom and tranquility to the world.

He does not allow them to undress in front of him, or incur disrespect, so when treating him we must be very respectful.

We dedicate these powerful rituals to Obatalá:

These works serve for health, luck and development as long as faith and love are present.

1. Offering with Yam for Father Obatalá

Work to Obatalá with yam
Yam fruit
  1. Cook a yam and when it is very soft you let it cool and with your clean hands make a paste, like a puree.
  2. You add cascarilla and cocoa butter.
  3. When everything is well mixed, make 8 balls and put them on a white plate in front of Obatalá with 2 candles.

If you want to achieve peace at home you can add calm balm.

2. Spiritual cleaning of the home with the blessing of the wise Orisha

Everlasting plant for work with Obatalá
«Immortelle» Plant

With these plants you can clean your home to get rid of the bad and attract the tranquility and the positive to the house.

  • Cotton Plants,
  • Prodigious or immortal,
  • Almond and
  • Soursop.
  1. First you must rip and crumble the leaves of these plants in serene water and then strain them.
  2. Añaof cascarilla, cocoa butter and goat milk.
  3. You present it to Obatalá with 2 candles before cleaning.

It also serves as a bath, but from the shoulders down, you must take 3 consecutive baths.

If you don't know how to prepare the Serene Water I recommend you read the Next post:

3. Obatalá spiritual baths with milk for health and luck

Obatalá spiritual baths

Rice water mixed with goat milk is a powerful preparation.

  1. First you rip either 8 leaves of the prodigious plant or always live in that mixed water.
  2. Then you add cascarilla and cocoa butter.
  3. Present the bathroom in front of Obatalá to give him knowledge of the work together with 2 candles.


Taking 3 consecutive baths from the shoulders down will cleanse your body, mind and spirit of negative energies and osogbos that you have collected, do it with a lot of faith.

After the shower you should not dry off, you should sleep with a white scarf on your head for protection and make a cross made with cocoa butter on the crown of your head.

Remember that Obatalá hears all his children, even if you are not consecrated you can do these works in his name, you are also his son.

I recommend this beautiful prayer to invoke Father Orisha:

Other rituals that I recommend doing on behalf of Baba Obatala:

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