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Works with the warrior Oggún to destroy a very powerful Enemy

Works with Oggún to destroy an enemy

The name of the Orisha Oggun It means "war", his strength is gigantic, he is a natural protector of warriors and he is very cunning.

This work is to overcome difficulties and ward off enemies, envies of those who always have their eyes on and do not rest until you see yourself on the floor.

Oggún in this case will take care that your problems are resolved, always with the greatest will and the greatest faith when making each request. 

This orisha belongs to the group of warriors together Oshosi, Eleggua and Osun. And together with them he is also capable of facing our worst obstacles.

Oggún is also the owner of iron and among his attributes he has a machete, which represents his great power, with it he makes his way in the mountains and hunts together with the vigilante Oshosi.

With this work at the foot of Oggún we are overcoming difficulties and enemies

Works with Oggún on the train line
The train line is a site that represents the warrior Oggún

Remember that the Orishas are never asked badly, they are only told to take care of a certain situation, we do not know and should not do justice, they do.


  • Schnapps 
  • 1 candle 
  • Tobacco
  • Brown paper 
  • Graphite pencil 
  • Cornmeal
  • Corojo butter  
  • Smoked fish 
  • Smoked jutia 
  • Toasted corn 
  • 3 cents 

How do we do this ritual step by step in the name of the iron warrior?

  1. First of all, you must light the candle at the foot of Oggún, blow brandy and tobacco smoke.
  2. You must ask for his blessing and talk with him giving knowledge of what you will do and that you leave him at his feet so that through his intercession problems can be solved. 
  3. You take the flour and combine it with corojo butter and knead it until it is well united.
  4. Now you add smoked fish, smoked jutia and roasted corn to the dough. 
  5. You take three pieces of paper and on each one you will write the name of your enemies and if you do not know them, put "against all enemies".
  6. You keep kneading and from that dough you must make 3 balls of the size you want.
  7. Inside each ball you must put a paper of the 3 that you made. 
  8. They will be at the foot of Oggún for 3 days or on top of it, keep in mind that every day you must light that candle for a while.
  9. On the third day you go to the train line with the work, and you are going to destroy each ball while you are asking that:

Just as I disrupt these balls, Oggún, make my problems unravel and my enemies destroyed. 

Keep in mind that the paper that is inside each ball must also be destroyed. At the end you will clean yourself with the 3 cents starting at the head and ending at the feet and leave them there on the train line.

May Oggún's blessing always cover and accompany you, remember to do this work with great faith, be patient, the day comes for everyone, if the enemies do us harm, sooner or later they receive what they deserve. Ashé

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