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Offering at the foot of Oggún to destroy and overcome difficulties

Works with Oggún to destroy

This ritual proposes to remove obstacles and bad streaks, put faith in it to open your paths and that abundance and unfoldment come to your life with this simple Addimú (offering) to Oggun del Monte.

The warrior Orisha Oggún, owner of metal, of the train lines, represents strength and vitality, opens the roads with his machete and removes obstacles. Give firmness and victories in adversity.

Addimú in the name of Oggún to defeat evil

In this ritual we are going to destroy everything bad, that osogbo that stalks us, envy, bad eyes and the enemy that blocks our way.

With these works with Oggún to destroy we will remove all kinds of conflicts, diseases, complicated situations, and all that evil that haunts us without letting us advance.

  •  Even if you have not received Oggún You can offer this addimú, remember that faith is unique to achieve what you want, never let doubts assail you, have confidence and a lot of faith in your orishas.


Works with Oggún with meat and pepper
Guinea pepper and pieces of meat for the work
  • 7 small squared pieces of beef or pork
  • Corojo butter
  • Hot spicy
  • Guinea pepper
  • 1 candle
  • Schnapps
  • Tobacco
  • 3 cents

How do we prepare these works with Oggún to destroy everything bad?

First you should know that this ritual can be done in two ways, choose the one that is most convenient for you:

1. Cooked meat

You take the pieces of meat and spread corojo butter, put them to cook over low heat and añagive spicy

When you remove them from the heat, let them cool, put them on a plate and on top of each piece of meat a guinea pepper.

2. Uncooked meat

As in the previous procedure, you take the pieces of meat, spread them with corojo butter and añades spicy and deposit it on a plate.

Then on top of each piece of meat you put a guinea pepper. In this case it is not cooked.

List the meat on the plate:

  1. Now the dish is presented to Oggún. In case you have not received the Warriors, you do it in a corner on the floor of the house.
  2. You light the candle to Oggún, you blow brandy and tobacco smoke, you ask for his blessing and you give him knowledge of who you are and what you will add to him.

Talk to him about everything you need through his help. Ask him for everything good, never evil, Oggún is a warrior and a vigilante, he will take care of everything bad that happens to you in this life.

  1. Also Addimú is blown brandy and tobacco smoke. If you want you can invoke it with the following prayer "click here"

What should we do next with the offering?

You will do this Addimú in the mañana and in the afternoon you go to a manigua, mountain or railway line, places that represent the Orisha del Hierro and leave that addimú in the name of Oggún el Guerrero with the 3 cents of right.

  • To consider: It is important that you do it the same day so that the meat does not decompose, you must take it into account and plan everything so that you do not have obstacles when delivering the offering.

Remember that the faith you put in is very important, Oggún is spoken to with firmness and conviction, he is a very strong orisha, who likes determination, and that you feel the security that he gives you in your steps, do not hesitate, everything will be fine. Ashé for you,

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