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Works and Prayers to work with Oggún, the Orisha who owns the work

Works with Oggún

Oggún is one of the saints that make up the brotherhood of the so-called Warrior Orishas.

This represents hard work, since the Orisha works from sunrise to sunset on the railway lines and sometimes also in the mountains.

Oggún is invoked for dissimilar reasons, among these the most prominent is in the face of surgical interventions because he is the owner of all the working instruments, especially those made with metal.

This saint is known as the owner of the operating room and, curiously, green, which is one of its representative colors, is the tonality that surgeons wear before entering the surgical unit.

Powerful prayer to Oggún the Orisha Guerrero

Oggún glorious warrior I invoke you in the name of the seven African powers, I conjure you so that at dawn this day you help me win my battles, that with the impetus of your machete and the strength of your arm you make all my wars yours and offer me protection for me and my family. Amen.

Prayer to get a job in the name of Oggún

Oggún, you who work day and night without rest to do good to the earth, grant me the favor of finding a job.

Give me the opportunity to bring bread and milk to my table to provide sustenance for my family, may I never lack the blessing of your strength or the will to continue the journey.

How to refresh Oggún?

When the religious go to Oggún to ask for a favor, he must have the premise of being grateful to the deity.

One of the ways to do it is with this simple ceremony that is used to refresh Oggún.

  1. You take a small melon and open a small hole in it.
  2. Then this is placed on the face where the opening was made on Oggún and when the melon water begins to distill the warrior's tools they are cooled.
  3. This work can also be done by substituting the melon for a coconut of water.

How to sweeten Oggún so that there are no conflicts in the ilé or home?

Another effective way to refresh the Orisha who owns the iron is to spread their tools with corojo butter and blow on brandy.

Oggun can also be treated by blowing tobacco smoke and placing three pieces of caña inside your cauldron.

With this work, the priest sweetens Oggún by asking him to end the conflicts in the home and if what he wants is to find love, he puts a gourd with honey on top of the saint.

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