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Works at the foot of Oyá Yansa to attract money and monetary benefits

works with Oyá for the money

To get money benefits at the foot of Oyá, the Orisha that in nature is symbolized by the spark and next to Eleggua, orunmila y obbatala rule the 4 winds, we will do this powerful work.

This great Orisha is the one who with her winds brings us the good and takes away the bad, warrior of dark powers that hasabita among the dead, she rules and guides them. She dances on the graves, and with her power weapon, the iruke, she cleanses all the osogbos from the lives of men as she goes.

Oyá she lives at the door of the cemeteries representing the world of the dead, and in this work she works with the star apple fruit, of which she is the owner.

powerful work with Oyá for money and prosperity:

Purple star apple fruit
Purple star apple fruit

The star apple is a very powerful fruit, its scientific name is Chrysophyllum cainito L., and although in Cuba we call it this way it is also known as star apple, purple star apple or milk fruit, due to the white milky liquid on the skin. 


  • 1 star apple fruit
  • Corojo butter
  • Brown sugar
  • Cognac 
  • Calm balm
  • 9 candles 

How to prepare the ritual with the Orisha Oyá? 

  1. You take the star apple and spread corojo butter with both hands on the outside.
  2. You open the fruit and inside you pour corojo butter, brown sugar, brandy and tranquil balsam.
  3. you put it at the bottom of Oyá for 9 days and every day you will light a candle, always asking for his blessing and begging him for your request for development, to open the doors for prosperity to enter your hands.
  4. Each day when you light the candle, leave it until it goes out and so on with the other remaining candles for 9 days.
  5. In case you have not received OyáYou can also do this work, she is a powerful and wise warrior, who always listens to those who invoke her with faith and love.

After 9 days this work is deposited under a framboyáno very leafy tree, and at the foot of the tree ask that its powerful winds take away all the bad and bring you good winds full of health and abundance.

I sincerely hope that this ritual gives you everything you want and that it reaches you with the blessing of our great warrior. Oyá Yansa.

to summon Oyá I recommend the following sentence:

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