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Powerful works with Oyá to defeat enemiesOyá Yanza Jekua Jey!

works with Oyá to defeat enemies

Oyá is the yoruba orisha owner of the cemetery, of the sparks, and of the air we breathe, is who takes care of the cemetery and receives the dead in another astral.

Yanza is a very warrior and fair deity in the yoruba pantheon, takes care of their children and defends them tooth and nail, does not allow injustice.

She possesses many beautiful qualities, but she also punishes when on earth we act with evil, and from ignorance. For this we owe him a lot of respect.

Ingredients for this adimú (offering):

We will work in this work with the aubergine, which is the favorite fruit of Oyá and when offering it to her she is always grateful.

Everything in life requires a lot of faith and trust in what you do and in whose name you do the work, offering, baths, etc., do not forget to be very spiritual and grateful.

We are going to need some elements, try to have them all before starting the work so that there are no interruptions.

  • 1 or 9 aubergines 
  • Corojo butter 
  • Brown paper 
  • Graphite pencil 
  • 9 threads of different colors except black 
  • Red wine 
  • White plate 
  • 2 candles 
  • 9 ribbons or strips of different colors except black 
  • 9 monedas 

How do we make this offering at the foot of Oyá to vanquish enemies?

  1. First the aubergines you must open them in half and spread both caps with corojo butter (use your hands when doing so). 
  2. You take brown paper and on it you must put the enemy's name 9 times with graphite pencil, after finishing you must also spread the corojo lard paper. 
  3. So with the 9 long strands of threads of different colors you start to wrap that paper.
  4. Once wrapped, you put it in the middle of the eggplant, add red wine and close the fruit with the other lid, so you will do with all of them if you use the 9 aubergines.
  5. After covering them, put them on a plate and light the 2 candles at the foot of the soup tureen. Oyá. 

In case of not having received Oyá You can do it on their behalf and put it in a corner on the floor.

We ask for the blessing of Oyá with a lot of faith:

Firstly, you ask for the blessing Oyá, you thank and give him knowledge of who you are and what you want to achieve with the work you do.

Take this time to meditate, and reflect on your life, talk with Yanza in a calm, respectful manner, remember that a ritual "is not lighting the candles and that's it."

  1. With the sperm or candle wax you will seal the opening of the aubergines.
  2. After being sealed or closed with that sperm, you will take the 9 colored ribbons or strips and wrap each of the aubergines with them.
  3. To finish, you heat a little corojo butter and pour it over the aubergines.

A work that we will take to the cemetery, where habita Change

This work is left for a period of nine days, the mark number of the orisha, and on the last day it is taken to the cemetery with nine coins.

With these coins you must clean yourself, you do it starting with the head and ending with the feet and then you must leave them there at the gates of the cemetery.

May the blessing of Oyá always accompany you, and listen to everything you need to achieve. 

But above all, ask for a lot of health, and love, two beautiful pillars that we need to be happy, blessings for you.

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