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Works with San Lázaro for health (Prepare a shelter for protection)

works with Saint Lazarus for health

Compared to other works, this is very simple, it is dedicated to the old man San Lázaro for health and begging him for healing for the world, in times of viral diseases we need to protect ourselves.

Let us ask him to keep diseases away from us, from our family, friends and from all our brothers and sisters and that, in these times, when a powerful virus attacks us, keep us safe every day.

This shelter that you will make is a very powerful amulet With great spiritual significance, he must do it with great faith and devotion to the old Lazarus, because he fulfills everything, he is merciful and kind to those who ask him from the heart.

Work to Saint Lazarus to protect us from diseases and have health:

Elements to prepare the receipt:

  • 7 roasted corn kernels
  • Corojo butter
  • 1 piece of Camphor
  • A red cloth or sack bag (you can make it yourself)

How to make the receipt?

  1. Take the roasted corn kernels and spread them with corojo butter.
  1. Then take the red or sack bag and add the corn kernels with the little bit of camphor into it.
  1. The protection amulet will always be with you and this receipt can be changed after 17 days if you want to continue using it (17 is the number of our old San Lázaro)

To make the safeguard more effective:

If you have an image of Saint Lazarus Blessed, you will light a candle for it and you will have that guard placed before it until it goes out and then you will carry it with you on your body.

When you go to perform works with Saint Lazarus for health or whatever you want to ask for, do it calmly and with great faith, remember that you must be patient and know how to wait for the results.

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