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Works with Shango to defeat enemies

Works with shangó to defeat enemies

This work is effective and much more if you place your love and faith in the King Shango that interferes whenever it is needed, with the works that we dedicate to it it will give us strength to defeat the enemies.

Shango is a warrior, defender and protector by nature, in the Yoruba religion he is much adored for his bravery, the strength he emanates and the will to fight that he always possesses. It is a deity that brings us joy, energy and vitality.

We will work with one of the fruits of Shango: the banana, a fruit that attracts good vibes, it is also attributed the power to call to happiness and optimism, and as a food it is a source of minerals, fibers and vitamins.

Ritual to defeat enemies with Shango

Enemies interfere, hinder our walk through life, but having enemies also means that we have strength and that others are capable of appreciating it.

However, this is not a negative work, nor to do harm, it is a ritual that clears the way, that helps us to give clarity to those people so that they leave us alone and take us out of their thoughts.

Ingredients you need:

  • 6 green fruit bananas (also called bananas, bananas)
  • 1 large white plate
  • 2 red or white candles
  • Corojo butter
  • 1 red ribbon
  • 6 cents

How to prepare the offering?

Remember that it is important to always wash the fruits that we use in the works, they must be delivered clean to the deities. The bananas must be washed and once dry you put them on top of your white plate.

  1. You will light the candles and in front of Shango you will place the plate with the bananas.

In case you do not have Shangó crowned, you can carry out this work, for this you must place it in a place in the house where other people will not see it.

  1. You will spread corojo butter to each banana, one by one with your hands.

It is important to establish an energy connection between ourselves and the elements of the offering, therefore it is always recommended to prepare the ritual directly with our hands, without using tools, whenever possible.

While you spread the butter, talk with Shango, this is a space to meditate, thank and reflect on what you want and need.

Talking and asking are different things, you will only ask for his blessing and assistance, giving him knowledge of the reason why you perform this ritual.

  1. When you have finished, tie all the bananas with the red ribbon.
  2. This work of request will be left on for 6 days and then you will go to a palm and clean yourself with 6 cents (cleaning is done starting with the head and ending with the feet).
  3. You will leave the addimú (offering) there next to the right (the 6 cents).
  4. Remember that you must give 6 touches to the palm to greet Shango.

I hope that Shango's intervention will be quick and blessed so that he can reach his destiny with health and prosperity.

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