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5 Oshún Works that will bring many beautiful things to your life

Oshún works

It doesn't take that much to keep our vibes high and the negativity fades away. If we do some Oshún works at home or business with faith and love will prove positive.

Oshun She is a wonderful deity, she is kind and merciful, she knows how to listen carefully to the pleas that come to her.

It is the protector of the sweet waters of the earth, among them it is a fish that watches over the lives of men, gives them love and joy to live in balance, but, above all, offers with its honey the sweetness that gives well-being to our existence, without it we could not reach our destiny with happiness.

For development he goes to the beautiful Orisha Oshún, owner of honey, sweetness, love, wealth. Beautiful goddess that just by visiting its rivers and looking at its waters clears your mind and fills you with fullness.

Beautiful Orisha that if you ask her with great sweetness she will bring you that love you are looking for, that development, and the great opportunities that you need on your way.

Rituals with Oshún to attract love, luck and open paths:

Whether you have it crowned or not, I am sure that your prayers will reach her as long as you do it from the heart and with so much faith.

Here are some very simple works:

Approach the temple of Oshún

  1. Visit the river whenever you can and pour honey into it, call it with a prayer, with a prayer, a thought or a song, and it will listen to you.

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Bathrooms and cleanings to attract the good

  1. To purify the home of bad influences, seduce love and attract luck, take petals of the "Galán de día" plant and mix it with water and honey, you can take 3 baths or you can also use the prepared water to clean the house and so the energy flows.

Purifying cleanings in the house

  1. With parsley, honey, cinnamon, lettuce and flowery water you can clean the house, business or the space you want to purify, every other day, for five days.

Powerful baths with Oshún

  1. The river water along with rain or serene water, you add honey and orange (it can be the juice, sliced, essence, or fruit peels).

With this spiritual water prepared with sacred elements, you will take five baths for five consecutive Saturdays in the name of Oshún, so that you cleanse yourself of all evil, the dark energies go away from you and have a lot of health and good vibes.

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Items that clean up everything bad

  1. If you are looking for the following magical ingredients: the "buttercup" plant, sunflowers, river flax, rice and cinnamon, you mix everything together with a few drops of honey, you can wash your house and the front door of it so that everything bad that it is there is cleaned.

You can also water these items on the way home. Remember that many times dark energies stick to us or in our home, and it is our responsibility to drive them away.

I hope that with the great blessing of the Orisha Oshún, these works and my advice will be one of prosperity, health and much love. 

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