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Ogunda Ofun and her Works to save herself, keep Ikú away and have good fortune

Works in Ogunda Ofun

Ogunda Ofun is an Ifá that warns of the need to make ebbo to the sick so that Ikú (death) does not take them away.

Ritual to have health and drive away death

If there is someone in your house who is in poor health, prepare a work in a basin (deep container) to keep death away from your Ilé (house).

  • Take the basin and fill it with water, that's it, add corn flour,
  • slice several okra (okra) and add them to the work,
  • During the night when everyone in the house is in bed, spread the contents of the basin on the porch of your house and let it remain that way until dawn.

Thus, when Ikú walks through the portal, he slips and falls to the ground, thus preventing his entry into the ilé.

After doing this work attend the foot of Orula to define with the help of the great Ifá fortune teller the health situation of your relative, until such circumstance is clarified, everyone in the house must remain with the ildé position.

The sacred herb of Ogunda Ofun is the ever-living

  1. The pregnant woman in Ogunda Ofun must beg her belly with a shoe so that the development of the child and the birth proceed without problems.

This child that will be born will be destined to work in the religious field.

The sacred herb in the Ogunda Ofun sign is the one that is always alive or prodigious. Plant this plant in your house so that fortune never abandons you.

  1. Use this herb to rub your head and cool your leri (head).
  2. When you want to keep osogbos out of your way or destroy sorcery, slip the plant into your left shoe by placing it in the shape of a cross.

Do you know these works born in Ogunda Ofun?

Obatala is one of the protective Orishas of man in this Ifá.

When the religious shows the saint obedience and respect, he covers him with his mantle, freeing him from all adversities.

3 powerful tips and rituals of this Odun:

  • In this sign, the person must dedicate a meringue to Baba, which he will line with cotton and place on top.
  • It is prudent that you dress in light-colored clothes so that you attract good fortune to your path and purify bad energies.
  • From time to time the person ruled under this letter can prepare an omiero with Obatalá herbs such as cotton and almonds.

To this omiero she will add always alive, cascarilla and a little brandy.

Omiero with which he will clean the house to refresh the ilé of osogbos and disturbances.

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