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2 Works of the odun Obara Osa to overcome difficulties: Powerful advice

Obara Osa Works

In the odun Obara Osa You must carry out a spiritual investigation so that you can give the place to your dead that they deserve and they settle.

For in this way your path to success will be clearer, because they will have the necessary light to guide you on the right path.

1. Work with Elegguá to overcome situations in Obara Osa

When the religious is going through situations, Elegguá is put:

  • A deep fryer with water and
  • coins are thrown at it.

With this simple evolution, Obara Osa will have the paths open to continue fighting until he reaches his goals.

Hold on to Elegguá, the Orisha who owns the roads so your life is blessed with:

  • The tranquility,
  • good fortune and
  • the firmness on the plane of the earth.

2. Work at the foot of Aggayú Sola in the Obara Osa odun

The curujey and the mamey of Santo Domingo are the sacred herbs of Obara Osa.

Through these rituals are performed under the intercession of Aggayú Solá, Orisha regent in this sign.

When the person is in need of prosperity:

  1. He makes a crown of curujey to Aggayú and places it on the lid of his basin,
  2. then he begs the saint and pours him dry wine.

This work is left until the plant has dried and before removing it, authorization must be requested from the Orisha.

Advice of the sign for religious:

The neglect of appearance is one of the great osogbos

One of the great osogbos of the sign is in the neglect of your physical appearance, because when you find yourself disheveled when luck sees you, you scare and run away from the place, leaving you at the mercy of misfortune.

Always keep yourself clean and groomed so that good fortune smiles on you.

Do not give anyone your clothes, because it gives your luck

Out of envy they have wished you to death, don't trust anyone and you will win.

In this sign:

  • The greatest enemy of the person is a woman, who yearns to possess everything that you have.
  • Do not give anyone your clothes, because with this action you will be giving your luck.
  • Keep your affairs secret and little by little your problems will be solved.
  • Ailments related to the oropharynx (part of the throat behind the oral cavity) are born in Ogbara Osa.

Ifá recommends be prudent in eating food so that your health is not harmed.

Avoid excessively hot, seasoned and spicy foods so that you do not suffer from gastrointestinal upsets.

We share other powerful rituals on behalf of the Orishas:

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