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Works to defeat enemies in Ogunda Ofun and religious councils

Ogunda Ofun works

Ogunda Ofun is a sign of Ifá where the religious is cursed, because many of the people who surround him cannot resist that he has development in life wishing him evil.

Powerful Works of the sign Ogunda Ofun

In this letter, for the person to get ahead, they must be continuously performing ebbo at the foot of the Warriors.

To get rid of gossip

The religious:

  • He takes a sheet of cow tongue, writes the names of the enemies on it,
  • he pours corojo butter and
  • later, he places it inside Oggun's cauldron until it dries.
  • He then picks it up and puts it in the trash.

purification ritual

With this plant you can also do the following ritual:

  • Take three tongues and make a mallet tied with a red strip to which brandy is blown,
  • This mallet is prepared to clean itself at the foot of Elegguá.
  • This ritual has its end in the jungle where the mallet of cow's tongue is left in the middle of the mountain.

Advice from the Odun Ogunda Ofun

Ogunda Ofun must keep his leri (head) prayed so that tranquility and intelligence never leave him.

In this sign, the godfather collects the godson's osogbos, so the person ruled by this odun before handing over any religious power must make ebbo and strengthen himself.

You cannot ignore the spirits, as they constitute a fundamental support in your life.

When the religious feels tormented:

  • He washes his head with brandy and
  • Obatalá's blessing, holy protector of human thoughts, is requested before doing it.

Avoid making mistakes that will mark your whole life

Ifá says that:

If you are not in love, do not marry because you will not be able to make a life and be happy with a person who does not fill you sentimentally.

  • Avoid making mistakes that will mark your whole life,
  • do not leave scars where you pass,
  • choose instead to leave beautiful memories because these will be doors that in the future will open again when you touch them.

Demand is a virtue that becomes a defect

Learning to control your character is one of the challenges that life imposes on Ogunda Ofun, because Ifá says that you go from happiness to hate in the blink of an eye.

The demand is a great virtue in the religious governed under this letter:

  • The problem is when you begin to demand impossible things from yourself, a fact that ends up leading you down the path of frustration.

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