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2 Works by Ojuani Eyiogbe: Ifá says "Everything in time has a solution"

Works Ojuani Eyiogbe

Ojuani Eyiogbe marks the person be extremely careful with ailments related to:

  • the view,
  • throat and
  • the blood.

In case of any discomfort, you should go to the doctor and not self-medicate, because a drug out of dose could bring you more harm than benefit.

This is a letter in which Orula, the great Ifa diviner, warns the religious that everything in time has a solution, so he exhorts him not to be carefree or finalist.

You must say every day Maferefun Ifá and ask for the blessing of the I guess Orula when you get up, because this Orisha provides you and your family with health and luck.

You must raise your children and have them under your guardianship and roof

Protect your children and educate them properly, do not use violence as a teaching method in their training so that your children do not grow up holding grudges or suffering traumas.

In this odun, he must raise his children and have them under his tutelage so that they do not suffer from his abandonment and in the future they do not demand the love that perhaps he did not offer them at the time they needed it most.

1. Work with a knife at the foot of Eshu in Ojuani Eyiogbe to win wars

To defeat enemies:

  1. Elegguá is given a used knife chalked with the names of these with red and black cloth.
  2. Butter is added to this and left at the foot of Elegguá until the conflicts are resolved.
  3. It is important that Elegguá be turned on for 21 days and be begged for his intercession in the conflict.
  4. The knife can be placed inside Elegguá's frying pan or on a plate at his foot.

2. Work with Orumila's yefah so that Ojuani Eyiogbe is saved from witchcraft

In this sign, Orumila says that together with the family that you formed, you will find your luck.

When Ojuani Eyiogbe feels sick or disturbed:

  • You can take some of your yefá de Orula and take a bath.
  • to this must añatell him river flax and holy water.

To ward off witchcraft you can:

  • Blow a little of this same yefá at the door of your house, because in this odun the religious must say Maferefun Ifá and maferefun la Osha.

Take care of your familiar spirits and put on masses for the church so that they reach greater spiritual development.

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