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2 Works to prosper and learn about other lands in Oyekun Ika

Oyekun Ika Works

A measured character will lead him to be king, while an impulsive behavior will lead him to the grave.

Ifá says that you develop in an environment where there are people of all kinds and with diverse customs and that you need to leave that world if you want to prosper in life, because until now that social circle has only brought you problems.

In your house you must place a white flag so that the orisha obatala recognize it and allow peace to enter your ilé (home).

Respect the color black to dress, try to wear clothes as light as possible so that you can debug.

1. Work at the foot of Orisha Oko to prosper in Oyekun Ika

Respect the corn, because in a difficult situation this grain could save you through an ebbo.

To resolve financial difficulties:

  1. Orisha Oko is planted with corn and
  2. the person washes his face over it every day and asks for his family, his health and his prosperity.

Tips on your personal care:

  • You cannot neglect your personal appearance,
  • do not walk with long hair, unkempt beard or long nails if you are a man, because the disease will confuse you with a beggar and you will begin to suffer.

2. Work at the foot of Yemayá to discover other lands in Oyekun Ika

In Oyekun Ika, so that the person does not lose his position, he must do ebbo with centipedes.

In this letter Oggun lives in the animal slaughterhouses where iron is wielded and in the underground roads.

So that the person can know other lands:

  1. You must offer your Orishas a canoe with fresh fruits and melao.
  2. Then you must take this offering to the sea, let the sea take the fruits.
  3. Then return with the canoe to the foot of the saints and light two candles for them.

Odun where you work at the foot of Oggun's cauldron to overcome difficulties

In this sign, honor is paid to Oggun, the Orisha who owns iron and works at the foot of his cauldron to overcome difficulties.

In Oyekun Ika it was where Oggun took the 16 Meyis out of jail.

When this odun comes out to a person who is going through justice problems, the religious emerges victorious from this dilemma, if a person who has a relative in prison is consulted, this person will receive a pardon for his sentence.

We share powerful rituals on behalf of the Orishas:

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