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3 works in Oyekun Oshe at the foot of Eggun and Orishas with caña of sugar

Oyekun Oshe Works

the caña of sugar It is one of the sacred plants in Oyekun Oshe, with this Eggun (the spirits) is worked and works are placed at the foot of Shangó and Obatalá.

1. Ritual with Shangó to obtain prosperity and firmness on the earth plane:

  • The religious ruled under Oyekun Oshe begs Shangó with six pieces of caña of sugar.
  • When the person wants to overcome difficulties, añafrom to the six pieces of caña coconut candy.

2. Pray with this work peace and health to Obatala

  • At the foot of Obatalá one goes to seek health and tranquility with eight pieces of caña of sugar smeared with cocoa butter and cascarilla.

3. Work at the foot of the Eggun

To work with Eggun, nine pieces of caña of sugar that can be served plain or seasoned, for example:

  • With melao for a spirit of Yemayá,
  • corojo butter for an eggun with a Shangó trend,
  • honey from bees for a dead omo Oshun.

And in this way it añafrom to caña the ingredient depending on the spirit that you want to offer the work.

This work with caña must be accompaniedañaGive one candle for Eggun or two candles for the Orishas.

Three religious councils that must be respected in the odun: 

In this letter Orumila makes it clear to the religious people that under the eyes of Olofin we are all equal and the only thing that differentiates us is our actions and obedience.

1. Under the eyes of Olofin we are all the same

This is a sign where it is taboo:

  • Discrimination and self-sufficiency.

Be humble so that you receive all the blessings you deserve from heaven.

2. Oyekun Oshe warns the religious to respect flowers and perfumes

Ifá in the odun Oyekun Oshe warns to respect flowers and perfumes, especially those that are given to the religious from foreign hands.añas, because through these objects witchcraft is performed on the person.

When flowers are placed in Oyekun Oshe's house, the spirits come following the trail of their scent, which is why flowers cannot be placed in the bedrooms or put perfume on the person before sleeping.

3. In Oyekun Oshe the person dreams of death and to save himself he must make ebo

It is important to know that in this sign when the religious dreams of death, to save himself he must do ebbo (cleaning) at the foot of Orula the great fortune teller of Ifá.

In this odun the pact between the compadres was born, where two friends swear to protect the descendants of the other in case something happens to their counterpart.

We share other powerful tips from the signs of Ifá:

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