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Do you want to eliminate negativity? Bath with Olokún for our evolution

Works for Olokun

Among the works for Olokún, we do this bath in his name because it offers us a lot of health and evolution, open roads and prosperity. Do you sometimes feel like you're stuck?

Well, we must keep those negative energies away from our body, because they can harm us and cause energy stagnation.

After the daily bath, if you wish, you can try taking spirituality baths to eliminate the negative and attract positive vibes that make our paths strengthen and open.

A powerful and very effective work on behalf of the Great Olokún:

Works for Olokun with plants
Maroon Verbena and Purslane Plant

This bath is in the name of the Orisha Olokún, who offers us a lot of evolution in our life, be it economic, family, health and love.

Olokún is the Orisha of the great ocean, habita in the depths of the immense sea, he is a sacred deity that offers us a lot of tranquility, but if he is not respected, he shows his most terrifying side.

Whenever it is invoked, prayed to, and offered, it must be done with a lot of love and faith, and above all respect. We must not bother him in vain.

Ingredients you need:

  • Container
  • Serenaded water (To learn how to prepare serene water read this article CLICK HERE)
  • Purslane plant leaves
  • Leaves of the Maroon Verbena plant
  • 1 blue or white candle
  • molasses of caña
  • Brown sugar
  • Indigo (To know what indigo is CLICK HERE)

In case you do not have Olokún, you can do this bath in his name and the whole ritual will be done on the floor, not on high.

How do we prepare this Ritual Bath on behalf of Olokún?

  1. First you take the very clean container and pour the serene water into it, inside you add a little indigo.
  2. You wash the purslane leaves and the verbena leaves and add them to the container with the indigo.
  3. You light the candle in front of Olokún, you look to the right, you look to the left and you can now uncover his jar.

We do this because its tureen should not be suddenly opened because of the mysteries that this orisha hides in its receptacle.

  1. Then you thank, ask Olokún for his blessing, and give him knowledge of what you are going to do on his behalf.
  2. In front of the orisha you begin to squeeze the plants with both hands, as if you were washing them and at the same time you are talking to Olokún. The important thing is that the herbs release their essence.
  3. When you're done, strain that water and throw the herbs in the trash.
  4. Then you put the container back in front of Olokún and pour a splash of molasses over it.aña and 7 teaspoons of brown sugar.

Once this is done, if you wish, you can cover the Olokún jar again.

Let's do the spiritual bath with great faith ...

Before taking the shower, you must leave the container in front of Olokún for a while and then you are ready to take the bath from your shoulders down and you stay with that water on your body, without drying yourself.

You should always take a bath while the candle is lit, and I always recommend wearing white or light-colored clothing when finished.

This bath will be given to you for 3 consecutive days, and if you wish you can prepare the 3 baths in one go or prepare it every day.

I sincerely hope that with these works for Olokún your blessing comes to you with health and abundance, many good things, development and evolution in your life.  

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