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3 Stories of the Ocana Deaf Sign ≫ «If there is NO good there is NO bad»

ocana deaf

«For one the world began, if there is no good there is no bad«

In this Oddun the Orishas speak:

  • choose,
  • Shango,
  • Oggun,
  • Aggayu,
  • Obatala
  • and the dead (Eggun).

When leaving the sign Ocana Sorde:

  • The ears should be pulled, and the fingers should be clicked three times.
  • The snails are thrown to cool them in a gourd with water and the water is thrown out onto the street.
  • In addition, the snails are thrown in front of the door on the floor of the entrance of the house and covered with the gourd, we will step on them three times with the left foot and then they are collected and the consultation continues. 

Süyere of the sign (songs):

  • Okanasodde Sodde Oke Sodde Oma Sodde Owuó Batiosodde Arikú Babawua.

In this letter are born:

  • Contagious diseases.
  • Gallbladder.
  • Wound healing.

3 Stories that are born in the Ocana Sorde Sign:

Okana Sorde Stories

History of the distrustful one who believed neither in the Saints nor in Shango

A long time ago there was a person who did not believe in saints only in witches.

Whenever he had the opportunity, he made fun of everyone who believed in the saints.

One fine day walking he came across one of those people who venerated the saints and was ShangoHe was giving advice to a walker and advising him on the path he should follow to reach his destination well, so the one who did not believe in the saints told him to take the path that he wanted that was all a lie of that man.

The traveler, believing that everything was a hoax, went to the saint and asked him to guess how many people were inside the house that he was pointing to.

This without hesitation told him that there were 18 people inside, but that they only saw 16, as his word was not believed, that was when the saint ordered to throw 18 coins in front of that house.

Suddenly they began to leave, however only 16 bent down to collect the coins, a sign that he was right. The wayfarer turned to the saint upon seeing this and knelt before him. 

This is the story of the man who did not pray

Once upon a time there was a person who was not of bad feelings, but he was always involved in arguments, and had, because of that, many enmities and was very unpleasant.

The moment came when he found himself alone and had to leave that town where he lived.

On the way he met a merchant who came with his dog, he asked him how everything was going and he replied that good for some and bad for others, advised him to be careful because the King had sent to pray and that whoever did not did as he would be dead.

This very haughty replied that he would not pray to himself and that if he had to leave that town he would also do so.

Going a long way, he encountered a war and the royal guard, they arrested him and brought him before the king, telling him that the detainee was an important leader of the opposing army, then the king ordered him to be locked up in a cage with tigers.

The history of a very long language

Arosillen had to travel to another town and left his friend Eloire in charge of three women.

Arosillen told him not to worry, to take care of them and that he would return in three months, five months passed and Arosillen did not return. Then Eloire began to abuse the women, and these women from so much mistreatment and tired decided to escape, they arrived at the town and there they found Arosillen.

They told him about all the mistreatments to which they were sentenced, he got very upset and went to see his friends and told them that he said he was going to kill them by setting fire to them.

So, they went to Eloire and asked him, and since his tongue was so loose, he replied that it was all true, and that's when they immediately killed him.

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