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How to prepare Ochinchin for Yemaya? Offering to the Mother of the Ocean

Ochinchin Yemaya

To the Mother of the Waters, to our Yemayá, we ask for calm and peace, we ask for peace and love, protection and hope, wisdom and courage to overcome the challenges of life...

For her we cry out in the worst moments, seeking her help and comfort in the face of the storms of this world.

Their children raise their prayers and petitions to the great Yemayá, since she is the powerful Orisha of the Seas, Mother of the World and of everything that lives in it.

Yemayá is adored by millions of Cubans, in syncretism with the Virgen de Regla, protector of sailors, eternal guardians of the waters.

It represents fertility, purification and motherhood in every sense and on this earth we are all her children, because we swim for nine months in the placenta, in the womb.

Let's thank Mother Orisha with offerings

Mother Yemayá loves that her children and faithful keep her in mind not only to ask for favors, but at any time they feel connected to her.

She will always protect us from dangers and all kinds of conditions, but we must remember to be grateful and take care of the details related to the Mother of Waters.

Let's keep in mind that Yemayá always likes offerings related to water.

Some of the adimuses (offerings) that he likes are for example:

  • Sweets of honey or molasses of caña, gofio sticks or burnt coconut
  • Fruits such as avocado, coconut, grapes, blackberries, melons or watermelons, pineapples, papayas and pears
  • Foods such as whole fish, tamale wrapped in banana leaves, olelé made of pasta with ginger, garlic and onion, yams with okra.
  • Herbs such as Basil, Marjoram, Mongoose, Water Flower, Verbena
  • White or blue flowers. Yemayá loves white roses and many of her faithful please her by carrying a basket to the seashore
  • Elements related to the sea such as anchors, stars, ships, etc.

How to make the Ochinchin offering for Yemayá?

The Ochinchin is an offering that our mother Orisha Yemayá loves.

It is one of the gifts that those devotees who adore the goddess of the sea dedicate to the Orisha to keep her in mind, and feel close to her power and ashe (vital energy).

To prepare the Ochinchin for Yemayá we need the following ingredients:

  • Prawns
  • 7 eggs
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Chard
  • melao of caña
  • Corojo butter
  • 1 white plate

Ochinchin Preparation Step by Step:

To prepare this offering and that our mother Yemayá likes, we must follow the following steps:

  1. First we boil the eggs about 10 minutes
  2. During that time we fry the shrimp and the chard in the corojo butter
  3. Then we chop the tomato and añaWe gave the shrimp and Swiss chard.
  4. Add the boiled eggs cut in half to the plate
  5. Finally, the plate is decorated with the lettuce leaves and we put molasses on it.aña above.

Try to decorate the plate as beautiful as possible, remember that the Orishas like beautiful gifts, even if they are humble and simple, we must put love into making them.

When placing the Ochinchin for Yemayá, let's not forget to light two white or blue candles to illuminate her food.

Also, we must thank her for all her support and the joys she gives us, gratitude is very important before even asking the goddess for favors.

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