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What candle do we light Ochosi with? The colors of the Hunter of the Ocha

Ochosi colors

Ochosi, is a very adored and loved deity within the Yoruba pantheon, associated with hunting and legal justice.

It is also considered as a warrior orisha with Elegguá, Oggún, and Osun, together they take care of and guard the paths of life.

They are the first Orishas who guide and protect those who start the spiritual path in the Yoruba religion and, according to the legends, they were the first to reach this earthly plane.

Ochosi works with witchcraft and, therefore, he is the one who makes things happen, with his magic and power the energies flow in the universe.

In the Yoruba religion it is known as:

  • The best of hunters, owner of the bow, arrow and all hunting in the mountains.
  • The thought that is transported in time.
  • In charge of protecting the fugitives and feeding the hungry meat.

Magia and faith How to pray to the Hunter of the Ocha?

Ochosi is related to prison, justice and the persecuted, so much is prayed to him in this regard, asking for his support and strength to face situations of loss of freedom, injustice and misfortune.

We call the orisha fundamentally when:

  • We are affected by injustice and misery.
  • We need your guidance, protection and help when making decisions,
  • We try to get ahead and direct our actions on the right path.

In the Rule of Osha or Santeria to the righteous god Ochosi, it is customary to perform ceremonies in nature, outdoors, since his home is the mountain and he is a deity who loves freedom.

The colors that Ochosi represents in Santeria

The colors that symbolize magic in its fullest sense and those preferred by the hunting Orisha are blue and yellow, tones that represent the immensity of life.

  • For this reason, when we pray to him, we can light a deep blue or yellow candle. Although we can also venerate it with a homemade wick or white candle.

With its light we will be able to illuminate our prayers so that they reach God and that he help us in the shortest possible time.

Among his adimú (food offerings) he offers:

  • Birdseed and legumes,
  • drinks such as brandy and anise,
  • fruits like yam and yucca,
  • tobacco.

Goats, roosters, quails, chickens, deer, pigeons, guinea fowl, hutías and some others are also sacrificed.

Powerful prayer for Ochosi to give us his guidance and protection

There are various prayers that are made to Ochosi, most of them asking him to protect the person from all evils, enemies and dangers.

Ochosi is usually prayed at home and also outdoors, in an open and quiet space that allows us to communicate directly with the deity.

So we can ask him to accompany us through the difficult path that we have ahead, it can be in mountains, forests, near the trees.

  • Likewise, we dedicate the following prayer to him to help us and guide us:

I ask you, great victor Oshosi, to confuse my enemies, and make them come to me, so that I may forgive them and lead them to the path of holy piety.

Oh hunter of oxen! Single Arrow Warrior!

King of the Forests, give us the blessings of prosperity and inspire us with good thoughts.

Indicate with your sacred arrow the true paths of prosperity.

May evil not touch me, neither me nor my loved ones. May the enemy, disease and anguish not find me.

At your feet, I ask you to make my life look out of danger, and I can enjoy it on earth, to be worthy of your blessing at the hour of my death.

So be it.

If you want to venerate Oshosi we share some rituals in his name:

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