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What is asked of Ochosi? Warrior save us from evil Ochosi Ode Mata!

Ochosi Ode Mata

We ask the hunter of the Ocha to take care of us from injustices and protect us from evil, we venerate him and salute him with great respect saying: Ochosi Ode Mata!

To Ochosi, the hunter and warrior who protects us from adversity when we begin our spiritual path, we pray that he will keep injustice and bad energies away from us.

Oshosi is one of the deities of the yoruba religion most popular in Cuban worship (Santeria).

10 Characteristics of Oshosi as a Yoruba deity:

  1. He is a hunter and magician and forms the group of warriors, the first saints that each individual who starts in the Yoruba religion receives.
  2. In Catholicism, Ochosi syncretizes with Saint Albert the Great and Saint Norbert. Particularly, in Santiago de Cuba, it is Santiago el Mayor.
  3. Ochosi is the Orisha hunter and protector of those who have problems with justice.
  4. He is considered the god of prison and the thought that with his power he can travel anywhere in time.
  5. Ochosi is prayed for the freedom of those unjustly locked up and consolation is asked for those who suffer.
  6. It is said that shingles that hold someone unjustly can dust into dust.
  7. He owns the bow, the arrow and the hunt in the mountains of life and thus protects the fugitive, gives meat to the hungry.
  8. He is considered cunning, agile and courageous in representation of divine justice. He knows all the birds and is the best hunter, as he always hits his arrow.
  9. He is considered a magician or sorcerer and he always walks together with Oggún after a pact they made at Orula's house. Ochosi represents inventiveness and Oggún represents immense strength.
  10. Ochosi, as the owner of the bow and arrow, and of all hunting instruments, represents inventiveness and intelligence.

How to attend to the Lord of Justice?

Ochosi must be attended on Monday, day of care for the warriors of the Osha or Santeria.

That day is also the best to send you our prayers of thanks and our requests for justice and well-being, although you can do it any day.

He is cared for together with Oggun, because his tools habitan in the same metal cauldron.

To Oshosi is poured over him:

  • A little honey
  • you blow brandy or rum, and tobacco smoke,
  • Roasted corn, smoked fish and smoked jutía are sprinkled on top.

These attentions are primarily to give thanks and to obtain the help and favors that are needed from your deity.

We do not have to kneel while caring for them, but we do have to do so in a quiet place and showing great faith and respect.

In addition, always to offer them we must light a candle, preferably white, in front of them.

Animals such as pigeons, goats, rooster, quail, chicken, deer, guinea fowl, jutía, etc. are sacrificed to the hunter. and prefers ewes (plants) such as Sapote, ateje, coriander, male river fern, red piglet, river flax.

What kind of requests can we make to Oshosi?

We implore the warrior for his help in all kinds of situations in our life, for example:

  • Let justice be done. Ochosi is the Orisha of equanimity and for this reason he will listen to us with full attention and will pass judgment on those who have been unjust.
  • For money and prosperity. One of the main causes of sadness and unhappiness is bad economic times that do not allow us to earn a living for our home and our family. For this reason, many decide to go to the Orisha Ochosi to help them solve their financial problems.
  • Asking for your protection. Above all, in matters of injustice, Ochosi will always offer us his help and protection to avoid the bad vibes that influence others against us.
  • To find love. Ochosi also supports us in the search for our other half, for that special person who accompanies us.añawill in life To find our great love, we pray to Ochosi, our guide to the good paths.
  • To find a job. The hunter of the Ocha will always be ready to guide us towards new opportunities for success and prosperity.

For this reason, we must pray to him to help us find a decent job and with it, better economic conditions.

What to keep in mind when praying to Ochosi for our well-being

I do not know Ochosi should be asked for favors that attempt against anyone, every question of justice is resolved by the orisha because he knows the obstacles of each devotee.

If the person imploring his help is unjust, the saint will not act for his welfare, but will punish him.

Remember, prayers to Ochosi should be performed in a quiet place, in peace.

If you wish, you can venerate him on an altar dedicated to his deity, or in nature near the trees and the mount.

We can pray to Ochosi to help us in many different matters, as he is the protector of the unfortunate and for this reason he will guide us to put an end to our sadness.

Prayer to the warriors Oggún and Ochosi for justice and protection

As we already explained, Ochosi and Oggún, Lord of the Irons, are highly connected deities from whom we can ask for protection in the same prayer.

They will listen to us and help us gain peace of mind and balance in life.

The combination of inventiveness and strength of these deities guarantees the protection and stability we need to continue on our way.

Not only will they protect us, but they will open all those doors that are closed and will keep bad vibes and dark energies out of our way.

  • So we pray to Ochosi and Oggún asking that they help us on the path of life with their immense protection

My warriors Ochosi and Oggún, you who always guide your devotees with strength and intelligence.

Great winners of all things, I come before you to obtain balance of mind and spirit, so that both I (full name) and my family, enjoy the stability that only you, my guides and advocates, can provide.

I speak to you Oggún with your metal machete and to you Ochosi with your immense bow and perfect arrows protect me Ochosi Ode Mata!

Do not allow anything to hinder my path, clear it and go through me, all the obstacles that are found.

Keep everything bad from me, and from my home. Lead my enemies to the path of peace, and guide them on the right path, since I do not wish them the evil that they wish me.

Listen, My warrior Orishas, ​​my prayers and help me improve my days. Do not abandon me in the darkness of the trails.

I promise to always continue on the path of faith and justice, traveling through life as your faithful and devoted son. So be it. Amen

We share some of the offerings dedicated to the great Oshosi:

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