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Oddi Leke: first witness of the Letter of the Year 2021 What do you advise?

Oddi Leke Letter of the Year 2021

Oddi Leke was the first witness appointed to escortañara Ika Fun in his reign during this 2021 according to the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba.

This is an odun where you must be attentive to profiteers and profiteers who will always be on the lookout to take advantage of any action, however small and insignificant it may seem.

Ifá advice for religious through Oddi Leke.

Through this letter the religious must take care of being enslaved morally, spiritually, sentimentally or physically, because this letter speaks of dependencies that are suffered product to the nobility and benevolence.

In Oddi Leke the religious can be blackmailed and extorted so you must be extremely careful. 

This odun talks about impersonations and needs so it is recommended to exercise the profession correctly to perform and save finances for times of greatest scarcity.

Here divination is born as a virtue, it is believed that the person becomes vulnerable to hexes and ties so you must tread carefully through life.

Making fun of people with physical defects is prohibited or bad luck, because by this infamous act the luck of the person can change and begin to suffer needs and osogbos.

Oddi Leke is a secrets sign where the religious must be careful in telling his intimacies to strangers.

It is strictly forbidden to save packages of which its content is unknown because misfortunes can be suffered because of these, it can even lead to legal problems due to this fact. 

Ifá exhorts don't curse to the like because said curses tend to bounce multiplied in number and consequences on who invoked them.

In this letter the religious is protected by Oshun deity possessor of happiness and owner of the honey of bees.

Santeros are recommended to eat at the table to pay tribute to the family, good practices and ancestors.

It is also recommended to have special watch out for heights and the stairs because accidents related to them can be suffered.

The sacred Ewes of this sign.

The sacred herbs (ewes) of this sign are the coolabita and the guácima, ewes with which it is recommended to make ebbó.

Through this letter it is required to have respect for the elders within the religion and to perform acts always aimed at the good to obtain the blessing of Olofin.

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