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Odi Okana: Orula advises keeping your feet firmly on the ground

odi okana

Odi Okana talks about chronic diseases that the human being can present as:

  • Diabetes Mellitus,
  • Arterial Hypertension and
  • oncoproliferative processes.

Ailments on which science must influence in order to achieve their control, thereby providing man with a higher quality of life.

In this sign the religious must take care of his health, because leading a life of excesses his body will end up collapsing.

Despite the bitter moments, life is beautiful

Suicide is prohibited in this Ifá, because no matter how hard the test that fate puts on the road, the solution will not be found in taking one's own life but in fighting to get ahead.

It is necessary to draw strength and face the present, because despite the bitter moments, life is beautiful and although sometimes the human being does not realize it, it is necessary for his family, friends and for society.

We all have something to offer life and there will always be a reason to smile and keep living.

In this Ifá, ingratitude is punished more than

In Odi Okana the Eggunes and the Orishas will put the faith of the religious to the test.

It is in this Ifá where ingratitude is more than punished, the pataki relates that:

Orisha Oko the great farmer left his land in search of fortune.

After several days on the road, he reached a town where people made their living from commerce, this being their only source of income.

The Orisha set out to work the field, creating crops and making the land produce.

The villagers began to supply their pantries thanks to the efforts of Orisha Oko, time passed and the people obtained many benefits from the cultivation of their own lands, denying the saint's efforts at all times.

Orisha Oko angrily cursed the town and left it, with the passage of months the crops were lost and the old fertile land became dry and infertile.

In this odun the arteries and veins reign

The religious ruled under Odi Okana must place a small guitar in front of his Orula.

This element will represent the human being and its strings will incarnate the blood vessels, because in this odun the arteries and veins reign, routes by which the organism is nourished.

In this letter you are prone to suffer from circulatory problems such as arterial insufficiencies and thrombosis.

Dice Orula to keep your feet on the ground

Ifá says that you cannot live in a building and failing that, you must do so in a house that has a patio, where you can perform religious tasks.

orula He advises you to keep your feet firmly on the ground and to live according to your means, without having to put aside your aspirations.

In this Ifá, alcoholic beverages and dry wine were born, respect alcohol so that you enjoy good health and prestige.

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