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Why did Olofin remove Odúa's trunk and limbs? ► Pataki

Odúa and Olofin

The pataki relates that many years ago Odua he performed his duties as Olofin's direct secretary.

Work in which he was very good, because his multifaceted personality allowed him to play several roles in unison and keep performing several actions at the same time being efficient in all.

This Orisha esteemed Odúa so much that in him he trusted all the secrets and powers of the earth.

Giving him the privilege of knowing first-hand the events that would take place on earth before anyone else.

Pataki where Odúa receives a punishment from Olofi for his great anger

When something went wrong with Odúa, he behaved like a child, became furious and threw tantrums, a reality that Olofin did not like so he began to gradually withdraw the powers that he had conferred on him.

When he saw that Odúa's anger was so great and that he sometimes hurt others, he decided to withdraw his leg as punishment to be able to stop his fury.

But this did not appease the Orisha who lives in darkness, as the lesson served to worsen his behavior.

So Olofin had to remove the rest of the limbs and trunk, leaving only the head available to the saint.

Odúa was a man used to living in solitude despite possessing a lot of wealth, a reality that hurt his character, making him a bit irritable and bitter.

Life's adversities should not be met with fury

His physical condition was a negative aggravating factor for his behavior problems, so he isolated himself even more in his world, refusing to receive visitors or to be seen by anyone.

Olofin once sent Eleggua to Odúa's house so that he would ask the Orisha to lend him his paoyé.

To which he replied with a resounding no claiming that Olofin bothered him too much and that he was no longer willing to help.

As Eshu tried to convince him, Odúa lunged at him, venting her anger.

Fact that physically affected Elegguá so he went to tell Olofin what happened, also telling him everything Odúa said.

Then Olofin explained to Elegguá that Odúa was upset with him and with his teaching methods:

But that it was necessary for him to remain that way until he calmed down his character and understood that anger was not the method to be used to face the adversities of life.

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