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Do you know how the Sacred Cult of Odúa arose on Earth?


Odúa always had intentions to visit the earth, although Olofin never approved that wish, as he considered that he was not ready for such action.

After much insisting on the subject, Olofin gave her permission to do so, but only if she performed ebbó before, a suggestion that Odúa completely ignored without thinking about the consequences she could suffer.

Pataki where Odúa gained Olofin's trust

Then one day he secretly hung on Olofin's cloak and with him descended to earth.

The rain and the sun besieged him on the way, but he stood firm and did not speak so that no one would discover him. 

After a few days of adventure, he began to suffer shortages on earth, so he went to visit orula to help him get out of such a situation.

The Ifá oracle consulted him, realizing that Odúa had disobeyed Olofin and for this reason he had to perform a double ebbó to mitigate his fault.

Odúa does the "double ebbó" that Orula marked him to save himself

Odúa accepted Orula's proposal without hesitation and the ebbó was performed, a fact that allowed him to atone for his sins and return to Olofin's palace, but not to gain his trust.

In those times the land had become infertile, women could not conceive and water was becoming scarce.

Seeing these events, Olofin sent for the Orisha of destiny for advice.

When he was in the presence of Olofin, he informed him that he should send an emissary to earth in order to pay him a tribute, so that he would be fertile again and the situation would normalize.

Odúa volunteered to fully fulfill this task, an event that did not arouse much joy in Olofin because he clearly did not trust him, believing him disobedient and irresponsible.

Olofi's mandate was correctly fulfilled under Odúa's power

The Orisha of destiny añaHe gave that it was necessary that a house be built for the special envoy so that he could supervise the regeneration of the earth with his own eyes and in this way its healing would be effective.

After much insistence, Odúa came down to earth and performed his role as emissary so well that Olofin rewarded him by giving him his trust again.

In return for his work, human beings created an altar to protect him from rain, sun and other inclement weather, in gratitude for everything he had done for them.

Arising in this way the cult of Odúa on earth.

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