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Ika Meyi's Warnings: By his willpower he knows no surrender

Odun Ika Meji

Ika Meyi is an Ifa odun That deserves to be very selective and careful, because when the person feels excessively sorry for others and becomes their protector, they end up betraying him and stealing his iré.

Help your fellow men as far as you can, but do not make superhuman efforts for them, for ingratitude will be the pay you will receive for your good deeds.

Keep a card up your sleeve to save yourself from adversity

This Ifá prohibits the Babalawo surrender all his religious powers to his godchildren.

You must keep for yourself a letter under your sleeve with which you can save yourself, so that you never lose your status as patriarch within your religious house.

In Ika Meyi the oluo is prohibited from consecrating people of other religions in Ifá.

The religious ruled by the odun Ika Meyi fails for his own head

For disobedience you can lose Ika Meyi.

In this odun the person is rebellious and does not accept orders or advice from others.

Pride and closed character can lead man to an abyss of perdition.

The individual in this sign has the knowledge and skill to succeed, but by having a gruesome procedure, he destroys the opportunities that come his way.

The blessings and curses on Ika Meyi come unexpectedly

Ika Meyi has great willpower, strength that has driven him far in life, despite suffering ups and downs, the religious ruled under this sign does not know the word surrender.

In this letter it is taboo:

  • Cursing people, because curses pronounced return to their place of origin dañaing who caused them.

This sign gives a special value to the unexpected, because luck that comes unexpectedly removes man from suffering needs.

Although to a lesser degree the surprises may be unpleasant, therefore, the religious must always be ready for war.

The imposition to win over the enemies

In Ika Meyi you do not enter caves or browse holes because in these places the religious finds his misfortune.

In this odun, the dance of the Ifá priest was born with the head of the four-legged animal in his hands, so that in the same way that he dances with his head he can impose himself on his enemies.

Ifá says that in this sign, out of goodness, one suffers from:

  • Treason,
  • loss and
  • tricks.

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