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What brand Ika Ogunda? The person has no friends when it comes to money

Odun Ika Ogunda

Popular phrase that identifies the religious governed under the odun Ika Ogunda:

The one who gives what he has when asking bothers.

Some powerful advice from the sign:

  • Letter in which you do not trust because when claiming payment you will only get problems and disappointments.
  • In this odun the person has no friends when it comes to money.
  • Orula says that they don't do business with the family because they lose out.
  • In this Ifá, sandy fruits and red meats are respected.
  • It's taboo wasting food and bragging about what you don't have, because the enemy will be unaware of the lie and the person could suffer a robbery or an assault motivated by their speculative attitude.
  • Avoid traveling late at night carrying valuables so you don't get scared.

It is better to be alone than in bad companyañado

Ika Ogunda is distrustful by nature, do not make deals with extremely thin people because your arayé will be in them.

Avoid crowds and remember that it is better to be alone than in bad company.añado.

This Ifa it is represented by the boat, a vessel that if well sheltered will never be at the mercy of the tide.

You must reflect before making decisions so that later you do not regret your actions.

In the Eggunes you will find the strength and support you need

Respect and comply with Ozain protective deity of the religious born under the odun Ika Ogunda.

In the eggunes you will find the strength and support you need to keep fighting for your dreams.

  • Take hold of the spirits and you will never lose your way on earth.
  • In this Ifá the person came to earth to work the Yoruba religion.
  • Avoid problems with the law, do not commit illegalities, because this Ifá warns that freedom is lost by transgressing the laws.
  • Ivory is an element of power for Ika Ogunda, use it in the making of a talisman and always carry it with you so that good fortune is not lacking.

Patience and humility must prevail in the trials of life

Inle and Olokun are bastions in the life of Ika Ogunda, orishas that the religious must receive in the future to:

  • A well of firmness,
  • health and
  • stability on the ground plane.

In this letter is born the confection of the ashe of the osha of the omo Oshosi and the hand of Obatala on all heads.

Patience and humility must prevail in the face of trials that come along the way, motto belonging to Baba Obatalá.

Both are virtues that must be harvested by man in this sign, because in these teachings he will find the luck he needs to be successful and stable.

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