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Rituals in Ika Otrupon: With Orula's blessing you will go far in life

Odun Ika Otrupon

Orunmila the oracle of Ifá He is one of the Orishas defenders of the odun Ika Otrupon.

The religious governed by this odun must respect and interpret Orula's word, because through his advice he will find salvation.

With the blessing of the great fortune teller Orula, the person goes far in life.

The individual in this sign offers to Orula and his apetebí Oshun

For good health and prosperity on the earth plane:

  • A vase of yellow roses and
  • five drunk panetelas.

The religious in this odun must receive three Elegguás

The individual in this Ifá must have three Elegguás and one of them must live behind the door of the house, so that from that position he watches over the tranquility and development of the person and his family.

Pride is osogbo for which man is lost in this letter:

  • Don't be stubborn and
  • Learn to respect your elders.

Other powerful tips from the sign:

  • Be careful with your actions, do not tell lies because sooner or later you will be discovered.
  • You came to earth lucky for gambling.
  • The person in this letter cannot be a slave to himself.
  • In the field of medicine and music Ika Otrupon will be successful.

Offer a tower of meringue to Baba and pray to him for eight days

Obatalá is one of the Orishas that governs this Ifá, major saint and protector of all heads.

  1. Put a tower of meringue on Baba and beg him for eight consecutive days so that the luck he has been waiting for so long will come to him.
  2. Dress in white and cover your head to sleep.
  3. Stay away from gossip and respect those around you if you want them to reciprocate with you.

Work at the foot of Elegguá in the odun Ika Otrupon

The meat of animals that die as a result of the disease is respected in this sign.

This odun describes conditions in women corresponding to the reproductive system.

Ika Otrupon must:

  1. Lay two eggs at the foot of Elegguá and with these clean your eyes three consecutive days,
  2. then wrap them in brown paper and take them to the mountain.

This work is done so that:

  • The person opens his eyes and can be aware of what surrounds him,
  • see more clearly the opportunities that present themselves and the bad intentions of the enemies.

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