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What does Odun Irete Ogunda teach us? Lean on Obatalá to win

Odun Irete Ogunda

When the religious is going through a bad streak in which he is involved in gossip and embarrassment:

  • An animal sacrifice is offered to Obatala, whose fur must be absolutely white so that the objective of the work, which is purification, is fulfilled.

Baba is the holy protector of intelligence, he goes before him so that he can pour out his blessings on the person and he can overcome the situation that has affected him.

This odun warns you of the stalking of people who only wish you evil and who will dedicate themselves to follow in your footsteps, in the event of the slightest mistake that you commit to create a great osogbo on you.

In Odun Irete Ogunda it is taboo to eat viscera

In Irete Ogunda the action of putting the ashes on the Orishas after making a sacrifice was born, so orunmila advises religious governed by this letter not to eat viscera.

For this Ifá the religious is disturbed by a mooring that was made in the past, to get rid of this bad action he must go to the foot of the great fortune-teller of Ifá.

Contemplating the deceased inside their coffin will bring you backwardness

Orisha Oko is one of the deities rulers in this sign.

Letter that also marks that this Orisha is received to achieve health and stability on the plane of the earth.

It is taboo in Irete Ogunda to contemplate the deceased inside their coffin, as this action will bring you and your family backward.

It is necessary to carry out polishing cleanings with fresh herbs or flowers in your ilé (house) so that luck and development can reach the house.

By praying your head you can pick up an osogbo

The santero ruled by Irete Ogunda must take special precaution when begging the head of another person, because with this work he can acquire the osogbo from which he is freeing him.

In this odun the father must be clear about the defects of his children and correct them to positively influence their upbringing and their future. 

Ifá says that Irete Ogunda will live on earth

The religious born under Irete Ogunda is long-lived, a virtue through which he spends many years of existence on earth enjoying good health.

A work to attract good luck in this Ifá:

  • It is to place a basket with fruits under the bed and the next day it must be taken to the mountains and with this action good fortune is attracted.

In this odun it is taboo to do business and confide secrets to people with visible physical defects, since only treason will be harvested from these.

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