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What does Irete Ojuani say? You must give your loved ones everything in life

Odun Irete Ojuani
  • Irete Ojuani is an Ifa odun who marks sudden family losses.

Under this letter, the religious must give his loved ones everything he can in life, because once they leave the earthly plane, tears, candles and flowers will be worth nothing if at the time you were not able to support them when they needed you.

In this sign the visits to be made to the sick should not be postponed, because when the person attends the home of the bereaved, they will have left this world.

Ingratitude is Irete Ojuani's worst osogbo

Orula says that ingratitude is Odun Irete Ojuani's worst osogbo.

In this letter dreams are not postponed or opportunities are put aside, because it will take a long time for them to appear again.

This odun marks the religious the periodic realization of ebbós, so that:

  • Health,
  • the seat and
  • rest on the plane of the earth, are not disturbed by stubborn entities.

Elegguá will be a fundamental pillar in your life at Odun Irete Ojuani

When the man goes to the Ifá room and this sign comes out, Orula warns the priests present that the godson will occupy the place of the godfather in the future.

Elegguá will be a fundamental pillar in your life:

  • Attend to this Orisha and pray to him for you and your family, as the protector of the vicissitudes of destiny will gladly leave one of his paths open for the iré to reach his abode.

Always respect Eshú and do not allow anyone to whistle or make noise at the door of the house.

Interpret the advice that the Orishas have given you

Be careful in the river, take care of and educate your children under the principles of good.

Never lie about your ideas or feelings, because in the long run the deception will be discovered and you will be the biggest loser.

Interpret the advice that the Orishas have given you and have high respect for the ancestors and the ceremonies concerning the rule of Osha-Ifá.

Laziness will bring you backwardness in life

You must be careful when driving over steep places and rooftops, as a fall from great height could cause serious illness and even death.

Irete Ojuani marks the birth of the güijes and the bad intentions of the human being.

Do not postpone your affairs, because laziness will bring you backwardness.

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