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What does the odun Irete Otrupon mark? Sign that brings prosperity and luck

Odun Irete Otrupon

Obatala Ayagguna is the Orisha who rules this odun.

Baba's warrior avatar represents strength and courage on the battlefield, virtues that he offers the religious to face life with greater determination.

This saint is represented on a steed, wearing white clothes on which a strip of red can be seen that crosses his thorax like a band, the deity is observed gallant brandishing a scimitar.

  • In this Ifá it is respected the okra, with the fruit of this plant the religious performs rituals aimed at prosperity and salvation.

Ifá says that in Irete Otrupon the flesh was born to the bone.

A saying that exhorts the person to fight for their dreams, because sooner or later they will end up being fulfilled.

  • Do not despair or be discouraged that what today seems like a serious problem will have a solution.
  • In this letter the person flourishes by becoming more attractive and outgoing.
  • This is an odun that marks prosperity.
  • Irete Otrupon is a sign in which the religious will go to Olofin when he needs it.
  • Under this Ifá the person has a great connection with the spiritual world, becoming in the future a great spiritualist.
  • On his religious path he meets Odua, the foreman of the dead, and Ozain.

Freshen up your front door with white pigment

In this Elegguá sign, Oggún and Shango eat a rooster together.

  • You must respect the guinea and corn.
  • The door of the house where you live is low.
  • Be careful of being assaulted by a knife.
  • You must respect the snapper, because with this prayer it will save itself.
  • Do not hold grudges to anyone, get those feelings out of your heart so that you can be happy.

Refresh the door of your house with white piglet so that the I will never miss you.

Odun Irete Otrupon diseases

Men with this sign are prone to impotence and other disorders related to the reproductive system.

The pains related to the kidneys, stomach and waist are valid in this odun.

In this Ifá the person must be alert to a robbery

  1. Do not take on someone else's burdens and you will see how your path to success becomes faster.
  2. You are the protégé of Yemayá and Shango, two Orishas who are a bulwark in your life.
  3. Always keep your house and your belongings well protected so that you are not a victim of theft.
  4. Don't torment yourself with the future and live in the present.
  5. Wear white to debug.

Other powerful tips from the signs of Ifá:

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