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What brand Iroso Ojuani? Through music great goals are achieved

Odun Iroso Ojuani

Iroso Ojuani is an odun of musicians, where through musical instruments difficulties are overcome and osogbos move away.

The religious ruled by this odun will be successful when working in this sector.

By this odun man must place a representation of said instruments at the foot of his Orishas to:

  • Stability,
  • firmness,
  • seat,
  • rest and
  • long life.

Vices will always be a wrong decision in your life

The pataki relates that in this Ifá Orula had to leave his land because everyone there was addicted to opium.

You must always stay away from drugs because if you fall into this addiction you could lose yourself.

  • Remember: The vices will always be a wrong decision in your life, do not take that path.

Do not keep someone else's property or money in your custody because you may be involved in a misunderstanding and suffer an embarrassment.

In this sign of Ifá people are born with a lucky star

Ifá says that you have cried for not having work or luck and that without doing anything in your life there will come a stream of money and fortune because in this sign people are born with a lucky star.

When you find yourself going through a bad streak, do ebbó at the foot of Orula to cleanse your astrality, lean on Osun who is the Orisha provider of stability.

For Obatalá to cover him with his mantle, use his handcuffs

Marital stability is disturbed by an Eggún who does not let him take root with any person, attend before Orula the Oracle of Ifá to give you the solution to this problem.

Avoid situations with the law so that you do not have to go to jail or by mistake.

Use Obatala's manacles so that Baba covers you with his cloak, giving you the much-needed peace of mind.

In Iroso Ojuani the religious loses his luck to help the ungrateful

Try not to wave completely by offering your hand because doing so could steal your luck.

Be judicious when raising the underprivileged because the reward for your good deeds will be to take the place of the lifted and the ingratitude of the saved person.

Iroso Ojuani tells the man that if he wants to reap love, he must first sow it

This odun marks rebellions and outbreaks of criteria.

Ifá says that you will not settle for little and that if you want to improve in life you must work and sacrifice.

  • In this sign, if the owner abandons control over his business, he will lose everything.
  • Iroso Ojuani warns the man that if he wants to reap love he must first sow it.
  • Set a good example for your children so that they grow up knowing that good is the right path.

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