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What brand Iwori Yekun? Where you are worked by the trail you leave

Odun Iwori Yekun

Iwori Yekun is an Ifa odun where the religious is worked by the trail he leaves.

The footprints of your shoes on the ground will be the perfect clue for the enemy to cast hexes on you.

The trail may also be used for work for your benefit, the impact of the works will only depend on the purpose for which they are carried out.

Ifá recommends not always take the same course to reach your destination and in this way you will be difficult to track.

This sign is taboo provide clothing especially shoes, because by this action could steal astrality.

Do not give in to threats of their enemies and take their acts

In this odun the enemy tries to blackmail the religious.

Orula recommends not yield to threats and take the consequences of the secrets that this person knows you, always taking the premise that education has to be more reserved in their affairs.

In this sign:

  • The person is the protégé of Orula, Oshún and Yemayá, Orishas who will come to your defense in the different situations that you go through in your life, trust them that they will not disappoint you.
  • Learn to accept the consequences of your actions.
  • Do not be careless and make ebbo so that it complies with Orula's word.

Odun Iwori Yekun in Shango he gets:

  • Red wine,
  • dry wine,
  • schnapps,
  • honey from bees and
  • tobacco smoke is blown on him and then asked what he wants to solve.

Money in this sign brings conflicts in the family

  • In Iwori Yekun the woman who does not menstruate must have an Osain guide.
  • You cannot go out into the fields or mountains just because you will suffer a tragedy.
  • In this Ifá the person cannot indulge in an adventure without having a confirmation of his actions because he will be lost.

Money in this sign brings conflicts and dislikes in the family, be fair with your words and actions and you will have the blessing of Olofin.

Take care of your health so that you enjoy a better quality of life.

The ailments related to the gastrointestinal tract and the lower limbs are marked in Iwori Yekun.

You could require a surgical intervention, before being operated do ebbo so that everything goes as desired.

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